Co-Editor-in-Chiefs say goodbye to publication after three years


Photo Submitted

The 2019-2020 print media staff poses for a photo with the 100th issue of the FHS Press.

March 12: the last day I stepped foot into room 226. I had an early dismissal this day and walked out of the classroom at 11:30 a.m. I had no idea I was not going back for the rest of the school year. If I would have known, I would have given every single one of my staff members a hug before I left.
Each and every staff member and our advisor Aaron Fitzpatrick always brings such joy, entertainment and kindness to our class. My Co-Editor-in-Chief Cade Skuse was always there to help me if I had a question and he was there to provide some sassy comments every now and then. I want to say thank you to our Managing Editor Mason Hedge for always offering to help when I was stressed and for always partaking in my shenanigans during class.
I’ll miss Cole Skuse asking how my day has been every time I see him and I’ll miss him attempting to braid my hair. I’ll miss Hallie Spielman’s passion for always wanting to write what she’s interested in. I’ll miss Jalynn Falk being my partner in all of the games we played in class — most of which we won — and always being able to crack jokes with her.
Jessica Majors’ kindness and passion to write is something I’ll miss. I’ll long for JoAnn Sharpless’ constant compliments and support. I’ll miss always being able to go to our “IT guy” Keith Pawlowski whenever I had troubles with our technology or his cheesy jokes. Leah McNear’s consistent kindness and willingness to help is something I’ll miss.
Thank you to Madison Snavely who always helped and supported me and also for teaching me the importance of posting our publications on social media. Marissa Lammie’s support and passion for writing is something I’ll miss. I’ll always miss laughing when I see Fitz’s face everytime I see Matthew Levenson walk in late every day. I’ll miss hearing Sarah Levenson’s quick and unexpected comebacks.
Most importantly, I want to thank Fitz for helping me improve my writing and always supporting me along the way. I’ll miss his eye rolls when I say something sarcastic or him saying, “yes?” as I stand in the doorway of room 226. His cringe-worthy dad jokes and field trip attire will be something I look back on. This classroom has always been a second home in school. It’s a place I could go to be myself and see my staff members who can also be referred to as my second family.
I want to thank the Freedom community for being so supportive of our publications. I also would like to thank the Freedom administration for the encouragement and support of our publications.
It feels like just last month was my first day at Journalism Camp (J-Camp) during the summer before my sophomore year. Now, it’s my last article I’ll ever write for the FHS Press. I started off as Editorial Editor my sophomore year, Managing Editor of the FHS Press my junior year and now as a senior, I am Co-Editor-In-Chief. I even got the chance to be a part of the 100th issue of the FHS Press, our first full color newspaper.
From J-Camp to Point Park trips to an escape room and dinner trips over the last three years, this class never failed to have fun. The students who were a part of the class in years past have helped me become the writer and editor I am today.
Now that our classes are online, it’s not the same as seeing everyone in person. Everyone still does amazing work with both publications, but I miss the jokes and laughing with everyone in room 226. If I were given one wish right now it would be to have the chance to sit in that room again with my entire staff without a worry of some virus.