Cross country team prepares for season ahead


Cross country is a sport that involves lots of stamina when running races against other schools. Most courses are around 3.1 miles long, including running uphill, downhill and through the woods. This year the team has new coaches and new runners joining. The head coach is Ms. Miranda Lasher and assistant coach Ms. Ashley Spencer. The new runners include senior Colin Fricke, sophomore Jordan Delon and sophomore Alexis Morgan. Returners this year are junior James Couch and freshman Hannah Shaffer. 

“I am most excited this year to run all of the meets,” Morgan said.

The team started practicing pre season to get in shape and ready for the season, usually meeting up at Brush Creek or the school to run together on the track or around the school. Workouts consisted of conditioning three days out of the week, running trails at Brush Creek and bleacher and hill workouts. Conditioning is extremely important because the team needs to start preparing their bodies for the work they will do at least once a week at races. Practicing during the season is just as, if not more, important to ensure that each runner is staying in shape to prevent injury. The team had two scrimmages to start off the season on Aug. 22 and Aug. 23. 

“I have people with no running experience setting and breaking personal goals, and we are hoping to see [Couch] make it to states,” Ms. Lasher said. 

At the scrimmage against South Side and Central Valley on Aug. 22, Couch took first place and Delon took second. Their second scrimmage was an Invitational at Beaver where Couch took second place on Aug. 23. On Sept 6, the team had their first section meet against Beaver and West Allegheny, where Couch took first place. This course was very hill-oriented and required determination and stamina to make it up and down the hills and continue the race. At the meet on Sept. 13 against Beaver Falls and Mohawk Couch took second place.    

“I feel like it has went well, starting off with two wins and a second place in two races,” Couch said. 

Meets to follow this season will be on Tues. Oct. 4 at New Brighton, and the Midwestern Athletic Conference (MAC) tournament on Wed. Oct. 12. The team is hoping to break personal records this year, continue to build their skill set and all while doing what they can to make it into states. Last year, the team did not make it to states. However, this year with the increase in participation, the team hopes to have what it takes. Be sure to support the team and all of their excited runners this year by coming out to support them.