Dictating diligence

Success, hard-working habits are the products of many different motives

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Dictating diligence

Sam Covalt, Asst. Editorial Editor

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Einstein, Jordan, Gates and Jefferson. All these famous and successful people had something in common, something that linked them together: All four were committed to their work. Sometimes work can be overwhelming though. Though these men needed to recharge and ease into the chair at times, in no way did that negate their capacity to work diligently.

Though there are many that find hard-work difficult, keeping up with the stress of everything and having the endurance to keep at stride with the struggles of life can often be very demanding. Yet somehow, there are still many who get through it. What motivates people, and how do people press through and jump the many hurdles?

How people balance it all varies from person to person; there is no single answer. While some are motivated by their interest in a particular topic or subject, others are spurred on to reach their goal by the need to prove themselves.

A Google Form on “Hard Work & Diligence” was filled out by about 70 people, including questions such as, “What motivates your peers the most?” and, “What motivates you the most?” Overall, how people responded to the former question was quite different from how they responded to the latter question.
To explain further, for those that responded that their peers were most motivated by wanting to prove themselves to others, almost double that many replied that they were motivated themselves by wanting to prove themselves. For those that said their peers were most motivated by their want to be happy because of success (of which only 3 percent of the people responded with this answer), 21 percent of them were most motivated themselves to be happy in success.

Setting this aside, however, what causes others to not be motivated also has a plethora of variables. Lack of confidence, acknowledgment and a lack of motivation can all contribute to laziness.
Many people in the world, especially with the current generation, are not too motivated; it is evident that they do not work hard enough to be able to be successful, and they do not work to reach their full potential. Not having something to motivate them can make people not care about their work or what they’re doing. Because of that, they are not being the best they can be. Finding motivation is extremely important to someone living a fulfilling, successful life.

Some type of motive can be all the difference between someone who gives up and someone who pushes on and keeps going in whatever they do. Those not working to the best of their ability need to find what motivates them and exploit it. If people can dig through the dirt and find what makes them act, then their success may just turn from mediocre to magnificent.