Dodger’s pitcher speaks to weight-training class

Joey Pail and Devin Daley

Weight lifting or working out is normally something most kids would not think of as fun, or something that couldn’t help them in anyway possible. This is where a Physical Education teacher comes into play, where they fight to make it your goal to better yourself and like working out and getting stronger.

On Friday, December 18th, Christapher Coennen, the Phys Ed coach for the Weightlifting and Leadership classes during 4th blocks, found a new, unique way to motivate his 4 white day class.

He brought in Adam Liberatore who is currently a relief pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He originally was from Rochester PA, so he has had ties back home which gave him a reason to come back and talk about motivating the students to try to become the best they could.

During the time he spoke to the students he emphasized hard work throughout every level of sports.

“High school may have been easy for me, but once I got to college I faced many challenges and had to work hard every day to improve my skills,” Liberatore said.

Liberatore’s hard work led to his breakthrough into the Dodger’s major league roster where he appeared in 39 games pitching a total of 29.2 innings and striking out 29 batters.