Dogs vs. cats

The purrfect pet


Keith Pawlowski

Senior Keith Pawlowski’s cat Olive, sitting right next to a tub of pretzels that the cat will soon try to eat.

Dogs and cats alike can provide a great deal of happiness to a person. Not only can these pets provide entertainment, but they can also provide emotional support when needed. Dogs can be great pets but they also require a lot of work when cared for properly. On the other hand, cats are much more laid back and do not require this attention.
Cats have a low maintenance mentality and do not need that much effort to upkeep. Yes, cats do need to have their litter cleaned, but that is about all the upkeep a cat would require. Cats love to sleep and just lay around the house, and some cats may even lay with their owner while they are working or lying around. Cats can also bring endless entertainment, especially when there are multiple cats around.

Cats absolutely love to play when they feel up to do so. They are extremely playful and quite clueless, so tricking them with a laser pointer becomes an easy task. Owners of cats can watch their cat hop, skip and even roll around when playing with these toys. Often this can bring the owner endless fun as they watch their cat go round and round in circles just to chase that laser that the owner is playing with. Sometimes they need to play by themselves, and they often do this by chasing balls or even attacking their tail, which is quite hilarious to watch. 

Not only do cats play by themselves and with their owners, but cats also become very playful with other cats (if the owner has them). They can be found running around the house chasing each other, and they will play with each other’s tails or just hop on them to have a catfight. What can be even more entertaining is when the cats all play with the same toy that a person may be messing with to get the cats to move around because just like dogs, cats need to exercise every once in a while. It becomes especially entertaining when the owner starts to wave a string of yarn in front of the cats faces so they will run around. 

While some people may like dogs better when compared to cats, cats have some perks that dogs do not. Dogs require a lot of attention on a day to day basis. For families with a quite busy lifestyle, the attention a dog would require would not be met. Dogs, by nature, need a lot more attention and exercise than a cat would ever need, being that cats are quite satisfied if they are left alone to sleep all day. Dogs need to be let outside every couple of hours to use the bathroom, while cats can do their business at any time. Cats are great for families that have busy schedules or travel often. Dogs would need to be let outside when gone and need to be fed, however, with cats you can get an automatic feeder, so the cat can eat when they need to. Dogs would not benefit from a feeder, as they tend to eat with no sign of stopping. 

Cats can often be seen as gross, filthy and unfriendly. Cats need time to warm up to their owners and eventually, they can provide much comfort to the owner. Some cats sleep with their owners at night, which has multiple benefits.

According to, “Pets protect against loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Having your kitty friend nearby while you rest can help tremendously, especially if you tend to have nightmares or wake up feeling depressed.”

No matter where people land on this huge debate that has been going on, there is no doubt that cats have a very special place in people’s hearts. Cats have many perks when owning them when they are compared to dogs. Cats are easy to take care of, loving, playful and laid back making them the better pet when compared to dogs.