Dr. Fuller says goodbye

Superintendent prepares for new chapter with Department of Education


Freedom Area School District

Dr. Jeffrey Fuller joined the district in the summer of 2012 after serving as an administrator with the Seneca Valley School District.

Mikalah Smith, Staff Writer

After a nearly nine-year tenure that saw the construction of Freedom Area Elementary School, Dr. Jeffrey Fuller is resigning his post as superintendent of schools. Freedom decided to not renew his contract. Fuller decided to move on and get another job early.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Freedom. I clearly remember the first day of school in August 2012. I was standing alone by the Bulldog as students were coming across from the student parking lot. Many of them approached and introduced themselves to me. I realized then that Freedom was a special place. The people cared about each other and were genuinely friendly,” Fuller said. 

Fuller has always been impressed with Freedom. Among the many districts in which Fuller has worked throughout his career, he has spent the longest time at Freedom.

After the school board meeting in December, the board decided to not renew his contract. His contract would have ended on June 30. In February, Fuller put in his resignation and he would be leaving at the end of March. His last day on campus will be March 26. Upon his departure, he will start his new job with the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). 

Although Fuller is looking forward to his future with PDE, he will miss his interactions with the students and staff of Freedom. 

“Those short interactions always served as a reminder of the importance of the decisions we make, especially the difficult decisions,” Fuller said. “If at all possible, every time I had to make a hard call I tried to spend time with students and teachers – not discussing the issue at hand, just making sure my thinking was correct, even if the decision I had to make was going to be unpopular.”

As Fuller has served as the only superintendent every student in our district through grade nine has known, some will remember him for the relationships he forged with them.

“Dr. Fuller made such an impact as a superintendent. I obviously do not know how many of his decisions affected the staff but he was always so kind to me. He talked to me every time he saw me and always made it a point to see how I was. I will absolutely miss him tremendously when he is gone,” junior Alexis Rinere said. 

Some of his favorite parts have been Spending time with students and attending school events. He has attended many musical practices and spring events which has given him a lot of time to spend with kids, staff and community members. 

“Freedom is a special place,” Fuller said. “We have really good people doing amazing things for kids and for the community. Even though I am very excited about my new position with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, I will most definitely miss it here.”