Drama Club performs ‘Beauty and the Beast’


On March 3-5, the Drama Club put on three successful showings of “Beauty and the Beast.” Starring seniors Madison Sanders as Belle, Kyler Brown as Beast, Leannah Messenger as Mrs. Potts, Connor Tavern as Gaston, Vincenzo Fiorenza as Lefou, Alexander Probst as Cogsworth and Ian Evans as Lumiere, the club put in a lot of work to put forward the best possible show. 

Towards the beginning of the year in December, auditions were held. At the time, the musical was not yet decided, so students didn’t know what they were auditioning for. Directors Ms. Deborah Evans, Ms. Jennifer Newman, Ms. Heather Giammaria and Mr. Cole Eged reviewed the auditions and even had call-backs in order to pick a musical that best fit the students’ talents. Before callbacks, members were told the musical. 

Upon landing on “Beauty and the Beast,” some cast members had a feeling of nostalgia, as the club had done the same musical not too long ago. In fact, many of the leads were in the previous showing during their middle school years as ensemble members. 

“Getting a chance to play Belle this year was a dream come true. I remember the first time we did this back in 7th grade looking at Claudia Huggins, and wanting to be exactly like her one day,” Sanders said. 

Practices started up in January. Some practices were scene-based, so only the characters in the scene would come, and some were all-calls. The cast and crew committed numerous hours during rehearsals. 

The week leading up to the show dates, Tech Week was held. Tech Week practices were from 5-10 P.M. every night, and everyone ran through the entire show. From hair and makeup to stage crew, everyone in the club was required to be there. Club members were exhausted, but they were prepared to perform. 

They even did a preview of the first act for the elementary students during the school day on March 2. 

“Performing for the elementary school kids was an amazing experience, it was so fun hearing them laugh at small interactions or cheer whenever Belle came onto the stage. The kids were such an amazing audience,” senior Ana Shipman said.  

On opening night, March 3, the line to get in the school extended beyond the door outside. Tickets were being scanned by a computer program in the entrance, which caused the line to get a little backed up. By closing night on March 5, the ticket scanning was moved to the entrance of the auditorium, which allowed for entrance to be a little smoother. 

Many people came out to watch the members perform. The auditorium was packed each night, as the shows were all near sold out. 

“We were about 90% sold out. Today, we are about 98% sold out, and I added seats. So congratulations; I know it’s been awhile since we sold the house out,” Director Deborah Evans said on closing night. 

Each performance went smoothly, and the cast and crew had a lot of fun. In fact, Giammaria encouraged the club to have fun and give it their all. 

“I am very sad that it’s all over, but so thankful for the past eight years. I’m really going to miss performing alongside my friends and peers. Musical has been the best experience of my life, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it,” Messenger said.