Elementary school opinions

Teachers and students share experiences from Freedom Elementary School

Ava Colorito

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The new elementary school is definitely turning some heads, but how do people down the hill really feel about it? We turn to the numerous people in the new school to see what they really think.

The new building allowed the students to have modern technology advantage, air conditioning and also allows all of the district to be on one campus. From the high school point of view, we see a mesmerizing new building that we wish we could go to, but we asked some people in the elementary and middle school to see what they really think about this huge change.
“I am excited about the new building,” Second grade teahcer, Mrs. Terri Seltzer said. “The new building is bright and colorful, and the open design means that we have our fellow grade level teachers close by which is also very helpful. Being on the second floor is a different experience as well and the kid-sized steps require some careful navigation for the adults.”
The elementary school worker had some work to do, but the move might have required some work for the teachers as well.
“My students seem to be really excited about the new school. I think a few were nervous about not knowing a lot of people in our class, but that generally happens at the beginning of every school year. They seem to be learning their way around the new building as well. We are looking forward to a good year,” Seltzer said.
Seltzer also explained the advantage of having current technology, like her SmartBoard, which has allowed her to design more creative, interactive lessons.
The elementary staff and students are all smiles when it comes to the move, but what about the middle school?
“I have to share a locker with a friend due to the third and fourth graders moving down into the lower hallway. The eighth-graders also can’t travel through the lower hallway which can make people late for classes like Tech Ed,” eighth grader Charlie White said.
Most eighth graders have to share lockers due to the third and fourth grader locker usage, which can be a hassle to students who have been issued textbooks.
Aside from the locker disadvantage, the students who moved from the old elementary school, including third and fourth graders, have had many advantages when it comes to their new learning environment.
School Board Member Alan Colorito explained that the new elementary school contains many things that the previous elementary schools, Big Knob and Conway, didn’t have, including more efficient electrical and lighting equipment, modern computer labs and a state-of-the-art library open to all elementary school students to promote creativity and learning. He also explained that the new systems help save the district money over time.

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