Empathy for the suffering, disappointment over effect of COVID-19 are not mutually exclusive

Staff Editorial

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to become more and more serious, schools are continuing to push back the date that students are able to return back to campus. This means that events and activities are being cancelled, which is devastating to the student population. Seniors don’t have the option to get these experiences back, as they will be graduating this June. 

Many seniors have used social media as an outlet for their despair, as some lost their activities due to cancellations and others are concerned with the time that they are losing to be with their friends. Through Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, many students are sharing their stories and connecting with their peers through this tough time. 

After sharing their honest feelings over the loss of their senior year, seniors are receiving backlash from people for being “selfish.” Many understand that people are going through their own issues with people at risk of illness, death and financial struggle. This pandemic doesn’t just affect students: it affects the world. No one has seen anything like this before in our lifetime. Fear is prominent in adults and children as well as the ones that are helping to battle the spread of the coronavirus. Although there are seniors hurting due to the cancellations and loss of time, many understand that the safety of others is a priority. 

Hosting an event that puts anyone at risk of contracting COVID-19 is certainly shortsighted and objectionable. However, some seniors had their last dance competition,  athletic competition and even last musical performance without even knowing it. Numerous hours go into producing a musical, learning a routine along with practicing for a sport for the community to see. Nobody should feel as though they lost the moment they have been waiting for and preparing to showcase. 

Athletes that are serious about competing in college are suffering a major risk. Many seniors feel as though this year’s season was the one they could get the gold, break a record and even make it far into the postseason. They deserve to be able to showcase their abilities to colleges and be able to continue on with their careers despite losing their senior season. 

Many seniors are concerned that events will be cancelled in the near future such as prom, the senior cookout, the senior trip to Cedar Point and even getting to walk across the stage for graduation. Not many other classes have been at risk of losing so much so fast, and that may cause this year’s seniors to be jealous of others. 

The senior class is at risk for losing many good experiences and they deserve support, not hatred. Many are taking the senior class’ sorrow as entitlement, when the class does understand the significance of the situation everyone has been put through. It is true that there needs to be empathy for anyone suffering the effects from COVID-19, however the seniors need time to truly be able to reflect on this unfortunate event in their senior year.