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Families, friends make plans for summer break

Many families and friends take time over the summer to go on big group vacations. Students at Freedom go on vacations in various places alongside their family and friends, spending time together in a new atmosphere.

As the year comes to an end, many begin to think about their plans for the summer. Having the summer off for both students and staff opens many opportunities for vacations. Some students just enjoy spending quality time with their families in the nice weather. 

Summer jobs 

Many students find that they have extra time over the summer. By not being in school most of the day, students are able to get summer jobs. As the weather gets nicer, it also opens the opportunity for landscaping or other outdoor work. Many ice cream shops open along with amusement parks and job opportunities for teenagers become endless. 

“Working in the summer has allowed me to start my own gig. This, in turn, has allowed me to create my own hours, and teach me what hard work truly is,” senior Trenton McCray said. 

The summer can also make it difficult for families with little kids to find things for them to do while the parents are at work. Many camps open up in the summer for students to attend, such as the Skybacher “More Than” sports camps. Many high school students help with the program over the summer months. 

Going to college 

As the school year winds closer to graduation, seniors are beginning to prepare for college. Getting the supplies ready for moving into their new dorms can be very time-consuming. Many seniors also try to get as much time in with their friends and families before they leave.

Some colleges begin moving incoming freshmen on campus before the rest of the college in order for them to get more familiar with their surroundings. Typically, move-in begins the second week of August; however, every college is different. 

Family/friend vacations 

Spending time with family is how individuals build stronger bonds and create everlasting memories. Some students have parents that are also off during the summer, which leaves those days open for many activities. Not only do students go on vacation with family, but they also go with their friends. Traveling to new places and experiencing new things with loved ones can add to the summer aesthetic. 

“I like being able to have downtime as a family in a setting that we don’t get to enjoy often. It’s really nice to live a different life for a week every now and then,” junior Logan Bickerstaff said. 

Spontaneous plans 

While some have a long list of summer activities, others choose to go with the flow. Having a very open schedule can create more laid-back summer vacations away from the stress of school. Some may fill the time later, or leave it open to relax and enjoy the great weather before they are quickly back in school.

Summer sports

Many students are actively involved in various sports, causing their summer months to be busy with games, competitions or tournaments. With practice and traveling, sports can take up a good portion of many athletes’ summers. 

“My favorite part about playing a sport over the summer is the traveling I get to do with my team and the bonding we do while away visiting different places,” junior Morgan Keller said. 

No matter the summer plans, having no school leaves plenty of opportunities for rest and relaxation, before the inevitable school year returns.