FHS Teacher recognized as nominee for Teacher of the Year


Junior Cole Skuse accompanied physics teacher Brian Wargo to the conference in Harrisburg.

The main job of an educator is to give students information that is helpful to them. Whether it’s in the fields of math, science, history or English, there is an infinite amount of information that students should learn before they graduate. With that being said, the job is far from being easy.

Out of all of the teachers in the state, 12 are selected to be nominees to receive the title of Teacher of the Year, one of which being physics teacher Brian Wargo, who was nominated as Teacher of the Year for Pennsylvania. He was nominated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education Standards Aligned Systems to receive the award.

According to students who takes his classes, it is clear to see why he got nominated for an award such as this.

“I think that Wargo is a phenomenal teacher,” junior Phillip Choflet said. “His class is engaging and I never find myself getting bored. He has taught me to think differently than other students by opening my mind. I will definitely continue taking physics courses throughout high school.”

Because of his efforts in the classroom, Wargo traveled to Hershey on Dec. 9 and 10 to attend the conference where he would find out whether or not he would become Teacher of the Year. By his side was junior Cole Skuse, speaking on his behalf.

“I was proud to speak on behalf of Dr. Wargo,” Skuse said. “It was certainly something I didn’t expect to do going into this school year. He has made a big push towards students doing original scientific research and I think that definitely qualifies him to deserve PA Teacher of the Year.”

However, high hopes weren’t enough to get the award. After the conference, Wargo did not receive Teacher of the Year. However, no one was disappointed.

“In terms of the experience, the entire process was arduous, but the days spent in Harrisburg were very pro-teacher,” Wargo said. “The coordination committee worked tirelessly to make every teacher feel special. They may be the most thoughtful group I have ever met.”

So in the end, being recognized as a nominee for the best teacher in the entire state was a big enough accomplishment, so the actual award itself didn’t really matter that much to him. Wargo is still very proud to be a teacher at the high school, and will definitely continue to educate the student body better than before to the best of his ability.

“What I am most proud of is the work I do on a daily basis as a teacher. Working as an educational researcher or as an instructor at the university are both important, but secondary education is where teachers have the greatest impact. That is why I choose to stay at high school and why I choose to stay at Freedom.” Wargo said.

“We are producing quality students that enter the workforce and are able to contribute. On May 9, 2019, our students will show what they can do at the Science Conference. Ask me that day if I am proud and I will be able to give you a better answer,” Wargo said.