Field of dreams: Freedom athletes begin season on new turf field

Crowds of people filled Bulldog Stadium on opening night of the football season on August 24.

Crowds of people filled Bulldog Stadium on opening night of the football season on August 24.

Sam Romutis, Staff Writer

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The Freedom girls’ soccer team prepared for their first game of the season on Aug. 21 against Riverside. It was like any other game they had played, except for one thing. As they ran out onto the field, it happened to be the very first time that a Freedom team took the field atop the newly installed turf.

The game resulted in an 8-2 win for the Bulldogs. The next game on the new field occurred under the lights of that Friday night. The football team was introduced, backed by the playing of the “Big Red” Marching Band. They then charged onto the field, ready for the new season. When the clock hit zero, the Bulldogs had won by a score of 39-6 and, according to the team, the field played a role in their victory.

“I feel like I have a lot more energy when I run on it and it doesn’t hurt as much when I get tackled, but I think it brings a great vibe to our team,” senior Cody Ross said.

In comparison to the old field, the turf is much more substantive, according to some athletes.

“You can really tell the difference because everyone’s cuts and movements are a lot better,” Ross said.

The Boys soccer team has also been thriving because of the turf.

“In my opinion, it is easier to play on, especially for soccer, because it’s a good flat surface and it makes things like passing and shooting easier,” freshman Jay Hessler said.

The Boys team won their first game on the new field as well. They beat New Brighton on Sept. 4 by a score of 15-1.

The athletes aren’t the only ones using the field, of course. The “Big Red” Band also performed their first halftime show on the new field, and their opinions were positive as well.

“I like the new field. I think it’s beautiful and a nice addition,” senior Ashlynn Young said.

In the end, many students can agree that the old field needed this new makeover.

“I 100 percent prefer it over the old field because there are no holes in it,” Ross said.

The clean look of the new field brings a good vibe and a captivating look to the campus, much to the delight of the students.

“The old field was in rough shape and it was really time for a new one,” Hessler said.

Aside from the turf, a new track was implemented, which will allow Freedom to now have home track and field meets.

“I really like the field and I am really excited to see how the track turns out,” Hessler said.

All three fall sports teams that are playing on the turf this season won their first home game, and they hope to keep the ball rolling as the season progresses.