Freedom meets Hockey

Freedom hosts their first ever Hockey night


Senior Riley Adams and High school teacher Mr. Langelli fight for control over the ball on Jan. 28, 2019.

JoAnn Sharpless, Managing Editor (Online)

The Freedom Area Task Force put together a community event to help raise money for Project Graduation. The event was a hockey night in which teams from each of the school buildings took part in. The hockey night took place on Jan. 28, 2019. Event organizer Renee Romutis put together the event, which raised approximately $270 from admissions for Project Graduation.

The Freedom Area Task Force is a non-profit organization that focuses on encouraging positive decisions and providing safe activities for the students of the Freedom Area School District. They do so by hosting the Homecoming Dance and Winter Ball Dance, along with sponsoring the Student of the Month and Teacher Appreciation . Their major event is Project Graduation which they fundraise for all year round to make sure that the seniors can enjoy one last celebration at Freedom.

Freedom’s Hockey Night was a hit with the public, bringing in roughly $270 in admissions. Many came to watch the elementary school students play against each other. The Black team led by kindergarten teacher Ms. Gena Tokar and the Yellow team led by kindergarten teacher Ms. Erica Davids started off the first game of the evening. Both teams had an intense match, which resulted in Davids being put in the penalty box during the first period. The yellow team battled with the black team and after two extremely close periods, the Black team and Tokar ended up prevailing.  

“I thought it went very well. I had a lot of students, teachers, and administrators signed up to play hockey. I had a lot of support from so many wonderful people.Greg Sherman who was the announcer, Rich Lundy and Barry Hedge who coached the elementary teams and also refereed. Mr. Deal who was in charge of keeping peace, Badamo and his home repair class built the penalty box, KK and the band members providing the music, Heather Giammaria and the winter cheerleaders and the great group of janitors that help me set up and clean up everything,” Romutis said.

After that game, the varsity Hockey Team came out to play the teacher’s team.The varsity team consisted of Seniors Sam Romutis, Riley Adams, along with Sophomores Matthew Keller, and Marc Evans. Everyone in the stands anticipated a blow-out to take place, but the teachers held up strong as they challenged the Varsity Team. The teachers were able to hold their own with the help of some questionable calls from the center referee William Deal. Not only the spectators cheered, but the band section also did as Keith Kovalic saved a shot on goal in the third period. Even with a valiant effort, the Teachers team still was defeated by the varsity team.

“Would I do this again next year? Not sure…I did it this year for my son Sam, Riley Adams, Matthew Keller and Marc Evans. They are the four varsity ice hockey players and they don’t get much recognition. Plus, there are alot of Freedom kids who play on hockey teams and I wanted to give them an opportunity to show off their talents.” Romutis said.

For the last match of the night, a student team was put up against the teacher team. The players on the teacher team included Tokar, Davids, Emily Mathers, Ryan Smith, Jim Culler, Pete Kappas, Steve Mott, Keith Kovalic, Aaron Fitzpatrick, John Rosa, Nate Langelli, Dave Badamo, Tom Hickey, Misty Slavic and Jeffery Fuller. The student team included junior Edward Dwyer, junior Antonio Clinkscales, junior Joey Leasha, freshman Jesse Nelson, freshman Xavier Dwyer, junior Evan Aland, junior Michael Fuse, Keller, freshman Sam Fenchak and freshman Troy Pawlowski.

After losing their first match the teachers came back into this game with determination to win. Mr. Langeli High school history teacher, showed everyone there his hockey skills with several assists and goals. The students keep fighting their best, but it was all over after the teachers brought the cheerleaders into the game.

During the hockey night, the Task Force also honored the Girls Soccer team and the Football team for their successful seasons, they also honored Adam Hessler for his placement at states. Other organizations were also present at the hockey night and had booths there. The girls soccer boosters sold pizza, candy and pop the Middle School has a bake sale the golf boosters had a lottery basket and the band did a 50/50.

The night in all was filled with fun and joy for everyone in the family to take part in. It also shined a light on the Freedom Varsity Hockey Players who play for Central Valley.