Freedom’s big three in Blackhawk: Freedom students join Blackhawk team for season

Freedom’s big three in Blackhawk: Freedom students join Blackhawk team for season

Devin Daley and Carly Park

This year, three Freedom students are taking to the ice once again with Blackhawk’s varsity hockey team.The three Juniors, Alex Lundy, Kenny Rose and Stu Skogsholm are looking to use their abilities to make an impact on the team.

Hockey is a popular sport with many people, high school students included. However, many schools don’t offer their students a hockey team, due to funding or not having enough interest in their district. More than three students play hockey, but only three play for Blackhawk. They have joined different teams from larger school districts. During their middle school years, Lundy, Skogsholm and Rose chose to play for Ambridge’s team. Then, once they reached the high school level, the boys chose to play for Blackhawk. This group of players have moved through the system together, making sure Freedom is getting represented on the ice.

“We beat the number one team [Indiana] in the division,” Lundy said. All three hockey players have been working most of their lives to be able to play with the best teams in the area. The first year they played together was during their freshman year of high school, but were separated last year due to one of the boys playing junior varsity. Now, they’re together again, but they each play for at least one other team.

Lundy praises the defensive line, saying it’s one of the strongest parts of the team. “We’ve been practicing non-stop,” Lundy said. “It’s this thing called a trap, and we pretty much push their offense to the side and keep them away from like shooting lanes in front of the net.”

Despite the fact that the season is still in the early stages, there have still been games that have already been played; starting with the team’s 4-3 win over at Indiana during their pink out game.

“They have never lost a single one of those pink out games,” Lundy said.

Blackhawk plays all of their home games at the local Brady’s Run ice rink, which is located near Chippewa. The boys are preparing to play their home game on Dec. 11 against the Meadville varsity team.