Fresh start

Marvel launches several new comic series throughout 2018

The Life of Captain Marvel (cover shown above), is one of the more anticipated new Marvel series of 2018.

The Life of Captain Marvel (cover shown above), is one of the more anticipated new Marvel series of 2018.

Carly Kusich, Features Editor


Since May of 2018, Marvel has been releasing 16 new comic series, all of which feature various familiar characters from across the universe. They’ve referred to this relaunch as a “fresh start,” as many of them are totally new stories revolving around well-known heroes such as Deadpool and Spider-Man. Some newer writers and artists like Ta-Nehisi Coates will join more well-versed Marvel creators such as Mark Waid and Dan Slott to partake in the production of these stories.

“I’m very happy because the other storylines upset me greatly; I had this shaking upsetness over some of them because they decided to make them very poor. So I think a new start would be great,” sophomore Kameron Skrobacz shared.

Although the majority of these stories don’t necessarily alter the heroes’ true characters, many of them offer a very different perspective on them by throwing them into crazier situations and looking at their pasts in new ways. This sort of change with these original takes may bring about varying opinions from long-time fans, as some may be clinging onto the stories they’re already familiar with and may not wish for anything beyond that. Others, however, are likely to have their interests grasped by these new ideas and be first in line to get them on their shelves.

“Fans’ responses, I think, are [going to] be worse since we’ve gotten to this era where people don’t like something simply because it’s new, or they like something simply because it’s new,” Skrobacz said.

The first is the new X-23 series, which follows Laura Kinney as she returns to her role as X-23 and her personal roots after a couple of years as Wolverine. There will be a new Deadpool series, in which Wade Wilson will attempt to pick his mercenary work back up while simultaneously trying to handle a strange, catastrophic threat heading towards Earth that is “so unfathomably huge, so mind-breakingly cataclysmic, it defies description.”

Another will be The Sentry, which will pick up shortly after Sentry’s character made a return in Doctor Strange’s story and was properly incorporated into the Marvel universe. Popular hero Iron Man will be brought into a new story in Tony Stark: Iron Man, which its writer, Dan Slott, described as, “a superhero comic that’s somewhere between Rick & Morty and Black Mirror.” Doctor Strange, who was recently brought into the cinematic universe, will also be given a new story in which he ventures into space to find out why he’s lost his connections to Earth’s arcane powers.

Carol Danvers — who goes by the name of Captain Marvel and has her own upcoming film —  will also be featured in a new comic series. Due to crippling anxiety, Danvers is put out in the middle of a fight and unwillingly relives old memories. Her true origin story is revealed as she discovers more about herself that she’d never known. On another note, in a new mini-series, Ant-Man, or Scott Lang, gets lost in the subatomic world and his only hope of escape is the Wasp.

In the new Amazing Spider-Man comic, young adult Peter Parker struggles both in and out of the spider suit as an alien invasion strikes New York City, and a revelation from his past puts essentially every aspect of his life in jeopardy. Famous hero Captain America, in his own new series, becomes a figure of controversy after Hydra’s takeover of the nation. He must deal with the new group Power Elite, who seem to wish to co-opt and corrupt the symbol of Captain America. The captain’s fellow Avenger, Bruce Banner, will also return but with a new spin on his character: during the day, Banner will go about his business as a regular human, but, regardless of what happens to him or if he dies, he rises with a vengeance at night as the Hulk.

Frank Castle, better known as the Punisher, has also returned and is set to move onto a new treacherous path which is paved with worse perils than he’s ever faced before. The Marvel universe’s first family, the Fantastic Four, will be coming back in a similar fashion, as will Thor. Thor will be sent on a new mission to retrieve Asgard’s artifacts that are scattered across Earth, which is only complicated by the interference of the infamous Juggernaut. Alternatively, in a new Black Panther comic, T’Challa will discover how much bigger his homeland of Wakanda truly is as the truth of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda is revealed.

In the wake of the recent Venom film, the character will also have a new series centered around him. In this storyline, an “ancient and primordial evil” awakens beneath New York after S.H.I.E.L.D’s collapse. This evil stirs something darker up inside of Venom, a Lethal Protector of the city’s innocents.

Finally, when 2000-feet-tall space gods known as Celestials threaten to cause absolute destruction to the world, Marvel’s biggest heroes Thor, Captain America and Iron Man are reunited in attempts to stop them. Many various heroes, including Ghost Rider and She-Hulk, will unite for a new generation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, in hopes of saving the world from total annihilation together.

“I think these stories, since people are more willing to go farther with things now because story writing/comic book writing has progressed so far, will definitely be better overall,” Skrobacz said.

A few of these comics have already been released earlier in the year, but others are currently on sale or will be soon. Along with these, many other new storylines such as Multiple Man and Ghost Rider are being relaunched and can be anticipated to be released soon.