Getting back on track

Track and field team thankful to compete, optimistic about progress


Kaylee Ostrowski

Freshman Morgan Keller clears the bar in the high jump event on April 8 in a meet against Beaver Falls and Rochester.

The track and field team has been back in action for a little over a month now. Even though things are different because of COVID-19, the team has still been working extremely hard to compete along with other schools in the area. 

“Since the pandemic, practices/meets haven’t changed too much,” junior Sara Mengel said. 

Mengel has been on the track team since her freshman year at so this will be her third year in track and field. 

The track team stayed home on April 8 to compete their section meet against Beaver Falls, New Brighton and Rochester. The overall score for the girls against Beaver Falls was a 95. Their scores against Rochester and New Brighton were 92 and 80. The girls won this meet as well as their section.

The boys on the team also faced Beaver Falls, New Brighton and Rochester on April 8. The overall score for the boys against Beaver Falls was a 58. Their scores against Rochester and New Brighton were 42 and 70. The boys lost to Beaver Falls, tied with Rochester, and lost to New Brighton. 

As for senior Bailey Roberts, who has been doing track for all four years of her high school career, she is very excited to actually get a season this year. 

“So far, this season has been great. I’ve been getting great times and have really been enjoying just getting to have a season after not getting the chance to last year,” Roberts said. 

Roberts runs in the 800, the mile, and the two mile. Many wonder how students can breathe or compete in their sport if they are wearing a mask. This year has been a little different. With COVID-19 cases winding down in the county and many getting their shots, student athletes of the track and field team are not required to wear their mask while practicing or competing in their respective categories. 

“We aren’t required to practice or compete with a mask on,” Mengel said.

To keep the team safe, the coaches and students are required to do checks-ins.

“We also have Covid waivers for each practice and meet along with a temperature check. We can’t participate if our temperatures are too high or if we have any other symptoms,” Roberts said. 

For many seniors, like Roberts, this is their last year on the track and field team. The season last year was canceled due to the growth of the pandemic, so many of 2020’s seniors lost out on a chance to display their skills one last time before heading their separate ways. Even though it is always sad to see friends leave, many are grateful for the chance to have one last season with their teammates. 

“This season has been really fun, it’s going by super fast though being that we only have a couple more meets and I’m going to miss the seniors,” Mengel said.