Girls’ volleyball sets expectations high entering season

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Girls’ volleyball sets expectations high entering season

Claudia Huggins, Asst. News Editor

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This year’s girls’ volleyball team is the team to watch. Their season, predicted to be a winning one, is something everyone, especially the girls, can get excited about. All the way from new freshmen playing on varsity anda the senior girls still going strong, the 2016-2017 girls’ volleyball team is diverse, yet dedicated.
From the start, we had a good connection, and after all these years of playing together, our connection has just gotten stronger,” senior Kaylea Aspiotes said. She also stated that the younger girls will “feed off that connection” the seniors have shared for quite some time now.
“The attitude we started the season out with is definitely going to help us,” senior Mackenzie Moldovan said, supporting Aspiotes’ statement. Aspiotes and Moldovan expressed their feelings for the younger girls with nothing but kind words.
“I’m extremely proud of them. They’ve worked really hard and it shows,” Aspiotes explained.
As for the young girls, they seem to be a powerful, dedicated group. Freshman Morgan Swab, who is a starter on varsity, described the team as “hard-working” and “trustworthy.” Just talking to the girls, anyone could be able to see that being able to rely on your teammates is an essential part of the game.
When Swab was asked her opinion on starting on varsity, she explained that it was “A bit intimidating because the older girls are so good.” However, Swab said she was confident she has what it takes. Other freshmen, such as Tori Otto and Shyann Komara, also play on the varsity team.
All three girls talked very highly of their team and also brought up one game in particular: Hopewell. The Sept. 8 game was nothing less than what the girls described: challenging, yet exciting. Even though they fell short to Hopewell 3-0, they played hard and put up a good fight.
Aspiotes explained that the senior group this year has been waiting for their senior year for a while.
“For so long, we’ve been saying ‘senior year is our year’, so, no matter who we play, we are going to make the best of it,” Aspiotes said. The girls seem to have an amazing connection and a lot of dedication. This season will be nothing less than interesting.
The coaches, Kristen Schneider and Jillian Zentko, or “JZ” as the girls call her, have a busy year to look forward to on and off the court. Zentko went out on maternity leave Sept. 7, with Mr. Brad Baldwin filling in for her until she returns. Schneider is also pregnant and looking forward to having her second child this winter.