Griffith takes on Dean of Students position


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After 14 years of teaching history, Griffith moves to the Dean Of Students position for grades K-8.

After the school board approved the transfer of then Dean of Students John Capehart, who became the elementary school principal, the position was ready to be taken by someone new. On March 11, the board approved the transfer of social studies teacher Jeffery Griffith to fill the vacancy of Dean of Students. His last day teaching in the high school was March 26. After a return from spring break, Griffith will start his new position.

Before coming to Freedom, Griffith graduated from Marietta College in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in history, then graduated from the University of Dayton in 2012, with a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. He is currently finishing his last class at the University of Dayton in their Principal’s Certification program. After graduating, Griffith taught at the high school for seven years, but he also taught in Ohio for seven years prior to being at Freedom. 

“This year has obviously been a little different, but I still pretty much spend my days interacting with students, telling a few history stories and planning lessons,” Griffith said, talking about his teaching this year.

The boys basketball team is coached by Griffith and has done plenty of other things for the community. 

“I have served on a few committees such as the district-wide implementation committee and the professional development committee. I am the head boys basketball coach. I was the keynote speaker for the NHS induction ceremony a few years ago. I have had the chance to see all the musicals and a lot of sporting events over the last 7 years as well,” Griffith added. 

Since becoming the social studies teacher, he has expressed that he loves what he does. 

“The students at Freedom are the best. They make coming to school everyday enjoyable. I have found that I especially like teaching juniors; they are not as immature as freshmen and sophomores, and senioritis hasn’t kicked in yet. Also, the people I teach with have made this a great place to work the last seven years,” Griffith said.

After teaching for 14 years, Griffith has said that while he loves social studies, he wanted to branch out to a different position within the district. 

“I have been in the classroom for 14 years now and still love it, but I just want to try something different within education. In the Dean of Students role, I will still get to interact with students; just less history stories. I have really enjoyed working with high school kids, but I am excited to now get the chance to work with some younger students also,” Griffith said. 

The day-to-day life of someone in the position that Griffith will be stepping into on April 6 will look a little different than his current position. He is currently finishing his last class at the University of Dayton in their Principal’s Certification program.

“In this position, I will be dealing with discipline for grades K-8 and working with teachers and committees in different capacities. I think everyday may look different in this job, so I am ready to be flexible in getting things accomplished,” Griffith said.