Groundhog Day

Students feel every day is the same

Kinsley Aswani, Staff Writer

Groundhog Day is a very famous movie that many people have seen.  The movie is about a man who wakes up every morning on the same day, which is Groundhog day, and changes his actions to try and make the days different. 

Does it ever feel like the day constantly replays itself? The days may feel like they are getting longer. To some, the day may feel long and gloomy, and to others, short but great. Here are some of Freedom Area High School student’s feelings on living in a pandemic. Junior Ethan Mulroy says that his days feel repetitive. 

“I pretty much do the same stuff every day,” Mulroy said. 

Having to do the same actions every day can get boring quickly. 

“I feel like I’m doing the same things every day, like getting up and doing school and doing nothing but being in the house for the rest of the day, and then on the weekends I do the same stuff like go to my cousins,” Rachel Campbell said. 

Her days are beginning to feel repetitive as well. 

“My days feel like they are repeating,” junior Niko Baker said, “Usually, I wake up, use the restroom, brush my teeth, sit and play games, and then I lay down and fall back asleep. Being in quarantine hasn’t been too much fun.” 

The days might seem longer because the human mind can’t comprehend long periods of time in the same area that they are in. When one person is sitting in a place with no windows or light, they would know how long a minute is. Now if the person sits there with no light or window for a day, then it would be hard to know exactly how long they have been there. A few days pass, and that day that seemed like it was months long will feel like it was just an hour. That short one minute will feel like an eternity. Many students agree that they feel like their days are repeating.