Hall of Fame

Emily Francis

The Hall of Fame is a fairly new program, created by the Freedom Area Educational Foundation in order to honor the former alumni or faculty from the Freedom school district that have demonstrated many different achievements in their careers. Four new inductees are chosen by the 10 members of the Foundation board. They must fall under basic criteria before being approved by the committee, such as they must be an employee, graduate, or resident of the school district who has been out of school for at least 12 years. The first is Amanda Ford; a graduate of FHS, she is now an award-winning composer. She has composed music for films, her orchestral work has been performed in Madison Square Garden, and many of her other works have been showcased during events at Duquesne. In addition, in 2006 she debuted a solo album, On Fire, which received much critical review and acclaim. In 2007 she was nominated and chosen as Teacher of the Year at Duquesne University, where she is Assistant Professor for Eurhythmics and Director of Music Career Services. Robert Gallagher made his mark on FHS for his outstanding athletic efforts. Yes, this is Mr. Gallagher we’re talking about, the principal of the Middle School. He had some of his glory days at his alma mater: he led the Bulldog basketball team to their title of section champions in 1970, and was honorably mentioned on the all-state teams during his junior and senior years. Additionally, he was the first student ever at FHS to score over 1000 points per season. Not only that, but he also ran cross country, and earned 5 th place at WPIALs. After furthering his education, Gallagher returned to Freedom and has been a teacher and administrator for 36 years. Edwin Hill, graduate of Freedom’s class of 1955, is now the International President of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), and has been working with them for over 54 years. Before becoming their president, Hill worked locally with the IBEW by expanding their pension program, co-founding their credit union and founding its scholarship funds. Hill is active in Democratic politics, having served as a consultant to former PA governors Milton Shapp and Ernie Klein. He even voiced his opinion on Labor matters to Presidents Clinton and Obama. Lastly, Donna Pfeifer; she may not have played volleyball for FHS when she attended- the sport wasn’t recognized by WPIALs until 1972- but she certainly made a legend of herself after graduating. Pfeifer is currently the head coach for Ambridge High School’s girls’ volleyball, and in her years of coaching has lead them to two ten-year undefeated streaks in section play, including one streak of 163 games. President of student council in her senior year at FHS, she continued participating in student government throughout college, and has sponsored Ambridge’s student government for the past 39 years.