Hauntingly less familiar

Haunted High School becomes hayride due to pandemic


Brigette Richard, Social Media Director

Haunted Houses are one of the things that people love most about the fall season. With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, there has not been much to look forward to these last few months. This year’s annual haunted high school will be different. Due to restrictions and having to social distance, the haunted high school will be outside of the school this year.

The haunted high school has been a popular event for the Freedom community for several years. The function brings the students and community of Freedom together. This year, the haunted high school will take place on Oct. 30. The haunted high school will turn into a haunted hayride around the sides and back of the high school. With zombies and witches, the haunted hayride will be entertaining for the students who are participating and those who are going through.

“I think the fact that we have no limits and more space is definitely going to be better because now we will have more things we can incorporate that can’t be done inside,” senior Angel Clinkscales said. 

With the event being outside, the Drama Club has much more room to spread the sets out and much more freedom with spreading fake blood on each other and the sets. They do not have to worry about the fake blood becoming a mess because the rain will wash it away during or sometime after the event happens. The Drama Club plans to have zombies on the baseball field fences, scary witches and many more scares.

“Having to have the event outside is challenging but I think only because it’s something we’ve never done. There are things that were taken for granted when we were inside that we don’t have outside. Electricity for one,” Drama Club Director Ms. Debra Williamson said. 

Being that they will not have much access to outlets, it may be hard to plug equipment in like sound machines, Halloween lights or strobe lights. They will have to use extension cords or different devices. Having to use extension cords could potentially get in the way of the hayride or the acts so they may have to find another solution. 

“I feel like we are definitely going to have a drop in people who come but we have to make the best out of the situation. I’m just glad we are trying to get things back to normal and have fun!” senior Alexis Surenda said. 

“I think the biggest obstacle with having it outside is that we can’t control the weather so we have to deal with whatever happens. Inside we don’t have to worry so much about that,” Williamson said. 

Being outside, there could potentially be chances of rain. During the event, the rain would cause many problems but after the event, the rain could potentially be helpful. The rain can wash away the fake blood that had been used for the costume.

People participating and going to the event are expected to wear masks but that won’t be a problem for those who participate. They will be required to meet social distancing standards. Being that the pandemic is still going on, the haunted high school will be much different this year but surely will bring tons of fun for students and the community. 

With COVID-19 still going on, it has been hard to go places and have fun. Students have not even been able to have their normal Friday night lights like a lot of high school students are used to going to and having fun. For a lot of students, there has not been much to look forward to. The Drama Club hopes to make the haunted hayride something for students and the community to look forward to and enjoy. Seeing everybody who comes to have fun might bring a little light to the community.