High school hires several new teachers


Brigette Richard/FHS Press

While reviewing angle relationships, Ms. Miranda Lasher assists her PLT students in geometry lessons.

Brigette Richard, Business Manager

While in the midst of the pandemic, businesses everywhere had been in need of workers. The high school had been needing teachers by the end of the 2020-21 school year, so they filled in their staff needs for this year.


Mr. Cole Eged

In the middle of the 2020-2021 school year, Mr. Jeffrey Griffith left his position as eleventh grade World History teacher and went down to the elementary and middle school, where he took on the job of Dean of Students. After hearing about the opening, Mr. Cole Eged took over as a long-term substitute teacher.

“I attended California University of Pennsylvania, where I received my bachelor’s in English education, and then received my social studies certificate a year after,” Eged said.

After attending college, Eged had been a long-term substitute at Elizabeth Forward, and then came to Freedom. He has been here ever since, and he has said to be loving it here.

“I just teach eleventh grade World History to avoid biting off more than I can chew, I haven’t been doing many extracurricular activities. I have been helping out Ms. Debrah Evans with the musical this year,” Eged said.

Not taking on much is most likely a good choice for still adjusting to a new school. With helping out with the musical, Eged will be assisting Evans in the drama club and organizing the musical.


Ms. Miranda Lasher

After December 2020, when Mr. John Rosa moved to Cyber Coordinator, Mr. Alec Tesznar had taken over. After the school year was over, Freedom decided to take Ms. Miranda Lasher as the new math teacher. 

  “I graduated from Ford City High School in 2015. I then attended La Roche University where I received a B.S. in Mathematics. I went straight into grad school at Slippery Rock University where I received an M.Ed. in Secondary Mathematics Education in December of 2020. I was able to teach eighth-grade math at Freedom Middle School starting last January and loved the community,” Lasher said.

Being in the middle school had helped with adjusting to the community of the high school. Lasher now teaches Honors Geometry, Algebra I and Financial Literacy in the high school.

“I am having a great time here at the high school. I have met amazing new teachers and students and look forward to getting to know everyone more! Working with the staff and students has helped me become acquainted with the community and feel very comfortable,” Lasher said.

Having such a welcoming community was extremely helpful to Lasher as she was adjusting to a new school. Being able to work with colleagues and students well, can overall help the adjustment process and make her feel more comfortable.


Mr. Jesse Gagich

In July 2021, Ms. Kristen Milanovich announced that she had resigned from Freedom after being offered a Workforce Development Coordinator position at Parkway West CTC. After hearing about the opening, elementary school technology teacher Mr. Jesse Gagich took over.

I’m the business technology teacher here at FHS. I’m a graduate of West Liberty University. I have a degree in music education, but I teach technology and business. I got into technology because I started making music with computers,” Gagich said.

“I teach Fortune 500, Computer Science I, and Multimedia Marketing,” Gagich said.

Milanovich was in charge of Fortune 500, the school’s merchandise store, before Gagich. With Gagich coming from the elementary school, it is a big change, coming from him being in charge of elementary technology, to being in charge of the school’s merchandise.


Ms. Amanda Hryckowian

After Ms. Catherine Schultz submitted her resignation over the summer of 2021, the high school needed a replacement to teach English 11 and CCBC English Composition. After interviewing teachers, they decided to have Ms. Amanda Hryckowian fill in as a long-term substitute.

I attended K-12 in the Freedom Area School District. For my undergraduate degrees, I attended Clarion University of Pennsylvania. I graduated with two B.S.Ed. degrees in Secondary English and Secondary Social Studies. As the long-term English substitute, this is my first job where I do not switch rooms every day. For the past three years I’ve been the middle school building substitute,” Hryckowian said.

Attending Freedom her entire life, Hryckowian was already mostly adjusted to the environment of the high school. After substituting in the middle school for the past three years,   knows a good portion of the students from when they were younger.

The environment in the high school is definitely a shift from the middle school, but I would like to believe I’m adjusting well. The staff is incredible. I’ve enjoyed working with the students, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them more,” Hryckowian said.

With so many new teachers coming up, the staff was completely ready and willing to help everyone adjust. Hryckowian has been teaching for the past three weeks, and has been doing a fine job of adjusting to a new environment.