High school staff shake-up

On Dec. 22 Communications teacher Emily Skirtich took her leave from the district after pursuing a new job opportunity. The Communications course is responsible for preparing students with basic presentation skills and is a required course. Skirtich had previously become part of the district after Brad Baldwin left the position to take on a new career path at Penns Valley Area Junior/Senior High School at the end of the 2019 school year.”

Skirtich took on the position in the fall of 2019. She has been with the district for about a year and half and transferred to Carlynton Junior/Senior High School. During the summer of 2019, freshmen at the time, now juniors, were able to come in and meet Skirtich who was up for the open position. She was then hired into the district for the 2019-2020 school year. Skirtich was then offered a position at Carlynton school. Her leave left an open position within the staff of the high school.

“Her class was engaging with students, and I enjoyed it because of the warm-ups and activities she went through with students as a group. It has taught me many things, but I don’t believe I will lose them anytime soon. Mrs. Anderson is a good teacher for the job, and after the switch not a lot feels like it has changed,” sophomore Troy Pawlowski said. 

Before Skirtich took her leave, she had Anderson shadow her so that by the time students got back from winter break. This way, by time students came back from the break on Jan. 4, they still had a teacher. 

Anderson has been within the district for many years. She worked within the elementary school for three years before she was offered a job as the Cyber Coordinator. Anderson has worked within Special Education and Elementary Learning as she dual-majored in both. While teaching at Conway, Anderson got her Masters Degree in Cyber Education, which allowed her to teach at the high school. 

“She is quite nice, and she is trying her best to copy exactly what Mrs. Skirtich did in the class. I think that her doing this makes the transition to a new teacher even easier and smoother for both the course and the students in it,” Janey Parks, a sophomore who is currently in the Communications course, said.

Since Anderson left the Cyber Coordinator position to become the new Communications teacher, there was a vacancy within that department. Athletic Director John Rosa took on that position and became the new Cyber Coordinator. He has been the Athletic Director since May 1, 2011. 

Rosa, a former graduate from Freedom, came back after getting his teaching degree and has taught in the math department. This year, mid-way through the high school football season, some coaches quit. Rosa took on the vacant coaching position as well. He has also been teaching at the district since 1990. On top of those positions, Rosa is also the junior class sponsor. 

While students may still be in virtual learning, the school around them is still changing and will continue to do so.