How social media affects the world

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are all platforms of social media that are used everyday by millions of people throughout the world. Phones are always going off with a notifications from one of the many platforms of social media. Good things can come from these platforms, as well as the bad. More often than not, the bad ones are presented.

“Social media has helped me to keep in touch with college friends and family members who do not live close, ” ninth grade english teacher Andrea Niedbala said.

Niedbala’s statement is not only true as far as contacting relatives that may not live close, but also friends. Social media platforms all around the world have allowed this to happen. However, the problem does not come from these actions.

Although social media can have good uses, the bad uses are even worse. Cyberbullying plays a major role in the social media world today. Anonymously, people are able to post harsh and awful words about someone without them being aware of the problems it can cause.

Depression, suicide and lack of self-confidence are just a few of the many actions or feelings that a victim of cyberbullying can experience. Teenagers experience many emotions brewing in their bodies, and this type of hate only amplifies the negative ones for most people.

“Everyone has seen a person get in trouble for bullying or doing something stupid they sent online. Honestly, it affects them in more ways than one. If they get caught they will lose some relationship with their parents and with people in school due to people finding out,” freshman Gabrielle Barber said.

More people have lost relationships with friends and even family. It doesn’t just affect the person they hurt online, but also many others. The loss of someone due to something that was wrongfully done is painful because a person would feel alone and trapped.

Being able to cope with the mean comments that are said online is a skill that needs to be learned and taught throughout the world. Harsh comments are unpredictable and can strike at any second of any day. Based on how far the world of social media has come over time,  many people can face how harsh the internet has the ability to be.

Yes, social media has its good uses and its bad ones, but there is no stopping how far this world of technology will continue to expand in today’s society. The best thing that any person can do when horrific events occur online is to ignore what is happening, report the events that occur and do not write harsh things on the internet. Avoiding these things will make the social media environment safer for the world.