Influences on careers can come from different directions


Hailey Ziedler

Deciding where to go to school after high school can be a stressful and overwhelming process.

Hailey Ziedler, Staff Writer

When choosing a major or career after high school, there are so many different opportunities that it can be overwhelming. Many teachers, parents and experiences have influences on students and helping them decide on what to do for the rest of their lives.

As many students are told to do what they are most interested in and follow their dreams, they are also told to do what gives them the best career and future. Some decide on the fulfilling feeling that the job provides them or they choose the career for the money that’ll come with it. Family and friends in a student’s life tell them to begin their lives after high school a certain way and it is always different.

There are also people in one’s life that may influence them to major in a specific department or join a specific union. Teachers often influence students and impact their lives. They show them different opportunities that they may not find otherwise. Seeing what a parent does and how happy it makes them can also influence a child to pursue a career doing what they do. That can also go along with other family members like a grandparent or a sibling.

However, not only can people influence a career choice, the experiences one goes through can too. Big life events, like a death or incident, can change someone’s perspective on the things they do. If a loved one suffers from a psychological disorder, cancer or another illness, students may want to pursue a career that helps those and could potentially find a cure.

“I originally wanted to be a surgeon and help people and cure illnesses. However, I decided to combine my mathematical skills and go into engineering, but still incorporate the medical side by focusing on bioengineering,” senior Robin Kaufman said.

Family traditions can play a factor on what a child does after high school. Joining the military often runs in families. Grandparents, parents and their children enlist or join one of the many military academies the country provides. Also, people could excel in what their parents do and follow in their footsteps. This may lead them to seek a profession in the same field. They could also enroll at the same university as their other family members to keep the tradition going.

“My whole family has gone to Pitt and my dad teaches at Pitt, so it feels more comfortable since I was exposed to it so much,” Kaufman said.

Students always have their families and friends to help them choose a career and there are guidance counselors available to provide them the best education for what they want after high school. A student’s future is often influenced by their family, but it should lead to them being happy in the years after.