Internet influences trends, trends influence people


Megan Evans, Copy Editor

After the holiday season, lots of people received gifts; lots of which were influenced by recent trends. When looking around, it can be noticed that many people have or do similar things. From water bottles, clothes, music, shows and more, many are inspired by popular trends. 

Social media plays a big role in influencing people. When scrolling on Instagram or Tik Tok, kids see things that are popular. Slowly, they start seeing other people around them who own the items or participate in trends. Then, they want to jump on the bandwagon and buy whatever the current trend may be. Even if they aren’t participating for the purpose of fitting in, they still are participating in the trend, which spreads it even further. 

“When I see things on the internet, sometimes it makes me want to buy it,” senior Megan Jones said. 

Additionally, seeing a famous influencer or celebrity on the internet with a certain object can spark a sense of longing. 

“Sometimes influencers on Instagram and Tik Tok make items more appealing. I’ll see girls on my feed with pretty colored shoes, clothes and room decor, and sometimes I’ll buy similar things,” senior Finley Paxton said. 

Internet trends can be a wide range of things. In the summer of 2019, a certain aesthetic called the “VSCO girl” was very popular. VSCO is a social media app where people can post and edit photos, and many people were inspired by it. It became trendy to wear bright colors, pastel colors, large tee shirts, scrunchies, friendship bracelets and decorated Hydro Flasks. The motto, “save the turtles,” and being overall eco-friendly became popular. 

“Back in 2019 when VSCO girls were popular, I liked the VSCO girl vibe. I made a couple of friendship bracelets and bought a reusable water bottle,” Paxton said. 

Other internet trends can be specific to television shows. People post thoughts and opinions about shows, and this brings a lot of attention to the shows. Some even make edits on Tik Tok with clips from different shows. When someone’s feed is full of content about a certain series, they probably will watch it to know what the “hype” is all about. Without their knowledge, the internet influenced those people to participate in the current trend. 

 “I saw clips and edits of “Ginny and Georgia,” and I thought it looked good. So, I started watching it,” senior Sydney Beringer said. 

Another trend on the internet is haircut styles. There are many different styles for boys and girls. A recently popular haircut for boys is the mullet and for girls, curtain bangs. People can appreciate hairstyles that they see and try to mimic them.

Some think that following internet trends can be a lot of fun, while others think it is unoriginal. However, whatever one may feel about trends, there is no denying that they are prevalent in society.