Is change a good thing?

Jalynn Falk, Sports Editor

In a time as strange as now, many aspects of everyday life are different. Daily routines aren’t the same as before, the ability to leave home has been restricted and the opportunity to experience events such as a movie, concert or graduation no longer exists.
Change, however, isn’t necessarily our choice or even something that we want. When change does make its way around, people have to be ready for it by taking what skills we have been given in life and using them to help make the change a positive thing.
In general, change is not black nor white; it’s a gray area. This means that it can be good and bad, depending on the situation at hand. Not every change in someone’s life is going to make them happy and not every change is going to make someone upset. That is why people have to adapt to every scenario thrown in their direction.
Online school, for example, is not what anyone expected for the end of the 2019-2020 school year. However, students and teachers had to work together in order to remain successful. Not all students enjoy staying at home, unable to see friends or other family members, which is why social media and other platforms of communication are stepping in to help their customers. These companies managed to take a negative change and help make it more positive.
If everyone kept life the same, it would be impossible to learn new things and take on experiences that aren’t familiar. However, it’s understood why too many big changes in life can be negative. Think about the life of a senior in high school that is about to leave for college. They have to leave their hometown, meet all new friends, adapt to a new school and even live with someone they have never met. A change like that can be extremely overwhelming and often scary to process all at once.
Change also doesn’t just deal with one person. Change can be in yourself, others and the community where someone lives. Each aspect of these changes can be positive to more than just one person. Helping make positive changes within a community can have a ripple effect on the direction of multiple people’s lives. However, if someone makes the wrong move, these changes can negatively affect others.
In all honesty, change is truly what a person makes of it. Whether the situation has a positive or negative impact on life, it can be scary to leave an everyday routine and start a new one. That is why having the support of others is extremely important. The world is resilient because no matter what event occurs, people will always come together to make the change into something bigger.