Is money your motivation?

Is money your motivation?

Jalynn Falk, Photo/Design Editor (Managing)

An 18-year-old is deciding his career path. He puts the income of the career he is choosing over jobs that he is interested in that don’t pay as well. His main motivation is to make the most money in his future so he can be happy. Little does he know, having money isn’t the same as being happy.

Children today are given money for doing chores. When they do these chores for money, they are being taught that they have to do things that they don’t want to do just to earn their allowance which carries on throughout their entire lives. These children are being taught to put the amount of money they make over doing what they love to do. The children that get allowance will be hardworking, but they will also be subject to put money above their preference.

After surveying students at Freedom Area High School, 10 out of 13 students said that money motivates them. This is an overwhelming statistic that shows that youth today is already thinking about how money will play a factor in their life.

There are many times where people associate low-income families with unhappiness, but in reality, some of these families are living the life they have always wanted to live. There are even some that don’t have jobs that are the happiest they could be and doing what they love to do every day.

Those that work should spend their life fulfilling their dreams and passions, rather than going to work to do something they dislike. People that don’t enjoy what they’re doing and that are only doing tasks for the aspect of making money aren’t going to feel as pleased with themselves. There are opportunities out there for everyone, it’s just a matter of looking for them.

There are adults that thrive on the satisfaction of a paycheck or when they purchase luxurious products. Having a high income pushes people to do the best they can in their career. When the average person looks at celebrities or people that have a large amount of money, they associate their lifestyle with nothing but positivity, but even though celebrities are rich, they aren’t always satisfied with their living. They constantly have to keep an image that isn’t who they truly are. Money makes people do jobs and other activities that they may not want to do.

The amount of pay people receive shouldn’t decide the kind of life they live. Money also shouldn’t be the main source of someone’s motivation. Everything that is accomplished in someone’s life should be wanted by the person that does the activity. Being motivated by passion, dedication and other qualities should be people’s main source of motivation.