Is violence becoming too prominent in society?


Alexander Londoño/Unsplash

Eight people died at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas, on Nov. 5, and hundreds more were injured after a crowd surge turned deadly.

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Violence can appear in various ways, shapes and forms. Whether it is physical or verbal, it is an act that has the potential to be taken way out of proportion. Being deemed violent or a violent person can be a factor of many things. The environment that a person grew up in, intense movies or video games and toxic people can result in a violently-behaved person.

In some cases, there are some pros to violence. Boxing is an activity that many people use to expel pent up anger. It is a way to get anger out without hurting anyone mentally. Depending on the place, people can look into boxing lessons or even simply going there for the fun of it. Boxing might be aggressive, but it also improves physical health. 

On the other hand, violence is not a good behavior to have. Many people may have grown up with violence through their parents or even their neighborhood. As people grow up, some of these actions can tend to stick with them, just because that is what they are used to. They grew up seeing it and being around it, so they cannot help but do the same thing because it is what they may have been taught.

Violence is everywhere, even within the world of celebrities. The question is, when is it the celebrities’ job to step in and take control of a situation? In some cases, people may just tend to get a little out of hand when it comes to meeting their favorite stars. When it comes down to it, celebrities should be the ones to say that this should not happen. Some people just do not think properly in certain situations, and they get overly excited when it comes to meeting them. In reality, they are getting worked up over the celebrities and if they said something to their fans, chances are, they would possibly tone it down.

Crowds are also a huge danger and contributor to violence within different situations. A recent example of this happened on Nov. 5, 2021, in Houston, Texas, when a total of 10 people were killed after being trampled at the Astroworld Festival, a Travis Scott concert. When in crowds, or different types of events, some people tend to not act rationally, and when people start getting hurt or even killed, they should think about their actions and try to calm down.

The people who should be blamed, typically do not actually get blamed. Most of the time, people may not want to be blamed, because then they would end up getting punished or canceled for their actions. With friends, and even family, they may protect that person so that they do not get in trouble in a certain situation.

With Black Friday coming up, the craze with crowds and sales tends to rise quickly. Violence on Black Friday is a common annual occurrence that tends to happen around that time each year. With such low sales, people get greedy and selfish with items that they want, and it can quickly lead to a domino effect. Seeing people get greedy with others in a crowd, they may start doing the same thing and it can just spread and spread.  

With that, there are many different ways people can get their anger and violence out in safe, healthy ways. Physical and verbal violence is a large part of today’s society, and is quickly coming to a dangerous turn.