It’s essential (oils)

Benefits, problems with essential oils


Thieves, Lavender and Peppermint are some of the most common essential oils on the market.

Hallie Spielman, Webmaster

While the world has made advances in technology, people have been developing and rediscovering old alternatives to medicine. Treatments such as cryotherapy or cupping have started to become popular. Additionally, people have continued to look for alternatives to using over-the-counter medicines, which lead to alternatives such as essential oils that have started to interest more people. 

Not everyone believes that essential oils are useful, but they are helpful. Some oils can be used together to make it easier to breathe if you are sick or even help with acne. 

Of course, not every problem can be solved by using essential oils. Sometimes the oils can help reduce pain, but it is always important that people rely on doctors to help with major health problems. 

While essential oils are helpful, they are not a replacement for medicines. Sometimes, essential oils are not able to fix every problem but they are still helpful. Each oil has its own properties. An oil like peppermint can help with headaches or stomach pains, and an oil like lavender helps with bug bites. Other products combined with essential oils can also make other products, like an aloe spray. 

Instead of using Lysol products to clean, it is possible to use products made with essential oils, like Thieves oil, to clean. It is even possible to have a pain relief cream made of essential oils that works the same as Tylenol pain relieving cream. 

Additionally, since the essential oils are packaged in small glass bottles, the use of single-use plastic is being decreased. 

Although the oils can have strong tastes and smells that can sometimes cause strong reactions such as teary eyes after use, they are extremely helpful. 

Oils, like peppermint, can be used for a wide variety of ailments. It can be used for headaches or stomach pains and it can also be combined with other essential oils to create a mixture that, when applied, helps with stuffy noses from allergies or a cold. 

Using essential oils is a personal choice, but a choice that should be considered. Instead of deciding that they are fake or not practical, give them a try. It might be surprising how well some oils can work. Peppermint is a great example, especially when those headaches tend to disappear after applying peppermint to the temples. 

Essential oils are a personal choice. But no matter what someone might choose to do, it isn’t healthy to stick to all oils and ignore doctors and medicine. Some might believe that the best way to be healthy and use essential oils is to balance both. Using essential oils is fine, as long as doctors still get visits regularly. Deciding to abandon a doctor completely for oils could be dangerous, and the results are unknown. 

It is simple to give something like essential oils a try. All it takes is a little bit of money and time and those oils might become a new favorite product to use. Even if someone is skeptical of essential oils, the only way to believe or refute their ability is to try it. 

While some people choose to continue buying products that are harmful to the environment, others are choosing to embrace the natural oils that can provide similar treatments.