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Varsity Volleyball wins against Ambridge in first game of the season

Ava Colorito and Brianna McKee

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The first day of school also brought the first official varsity volleyball game of the season against Ambridge on Sept. 8.

It was a close game for both sides, but Freedom won all three games, eliminating the need for a fourth or fifth.
The very first of three games was intense as the teams sought out to win.
Freedom started out in the lead. Thanks to Junior Jordan Haskey who made an impressive dive for the ball, won Freedom another point, making the score 6-4. Another astonishing feat was a serve by Senior Michaela Muron, adding another point.
The score, tied at 17, was now in Freedom’s favor with a score of 18-17.
After Freedom called a timeout with the score at 23-21 to strategize about their next move, the score tied, once again, at 24-24. Junior Kaylea Aspiotes quickly saved the ball after it was hit into the net, which gave a point to Freedom, breaking the tie with a score of 25-24.
It was a close match between Freedom and Ambridge and both teams put forth their best effort. Freedom’s hard work had payed off and they finally found success when Ames served the winning point at 28-26.
“The game was really exciting. We had a big student section that was great at cheering us on,” Sophomore Leah Scheider said.
The second game was not quite as close as the first, but the audience’s reaction showed that it was just as exhilarating. Freedom was consistently in the lead by a point.
By the end of the game, Freedom won 26-24.
The third and final game also was very close, but, like the last two games, Freedom found their win. The score started out as a tie at 5 points. While staying consistently close throughout the rest of the scores, the teams were tied again in the 20s. A spike by Ames tied the score at 20 towards the end of the game.
Finally, the last game brought the final success for Freedom with the final score being 27-25.
While hopes are high within the team, the mentality for any game isn’t only about winning the match.
“We aren’t a team, we’re a family,” Scheider said. She said that the girls are ready to fight for success not only as a team, but together as one family.
On Sept. 9, the girls played Lincoln Park at home. With yet another win, the team only had to play 3 games.
Unlike the other games, Freedom had a clear lead and won 25-17. The second game ended with a score of 25-20 and the last game with 25-14, all in favor of Freedom.
“We are doing our very best to win the games so we are able to purchase black spandex,” Scheider said. The team is shooting high this year with hopes of being able to get better, more efficient uniforms for the upcoming years.

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