‘Kiss Me Quick’

Review on Nathan Sykes’s new hit

Former member of the British boy band, The Wanted, 22-year-old Nathan Sykes, has recently released his first U.S. hit called “Kiss Me Quick”. As opposed to The Wanted’s sound, which was centered around the pop genre, Sykes’s sound leans more toward soul, R&B, jazz and pop.
“I was surrounded with music like that all the way through since I was a child,” Sykes said in an interview with Rolling Stone.
His mother—a music teacher who played the saxophone, clarinet and flute—kept Sykes surrounded with band and swing music. He got his R&B and Motown influences from his dad.
I find it very interesting how Sykes was influenced at a young age. I also think it’s neat that he wants to keep elements of R&B, jazz and soul on his upcoming pop album, which is due to come out later this year. I feel that using all of those elements will give Sykes’s album a unique and fascinating sound.
“We were just laughing and joking about the fact that I can’t flirt,” Sykes said on writing his song “Kiss Me Quick.” “So we wrote a song that can flirt for me. [It was as] simple as that and it ended up being my debut single.”
I thought that was a funny reason for writing that song, considering it’s basically all flirting. Also, I honestly can’t believe that he can’t flirt because of the lyrics.
“Let’s act out feeling, right here, make this unforgettable, Baby, come kiss me quick,” and “Make sure you’re feeling that magic before you disappear. You got me, baby.”
If you ask me, those lyrics sound pretty flirty.
Aside from the song’s genre, musical elements and lyrics, this song is catchy. Every time I listen to it, I can’t help but to dance in my seat. It also has a different sound than a lot of what you’d hear on the radio. Sykes’ new voice, after his former band’s hiatus, could be described as “a more soulful, lounge-y, big band-tinged pop croon that shines,” according to Rolling Stone
The type of music Sykes sings is definitely a good sound for him. His music, his voice and his lyrics all came together very nicely for this song.
Sykes is also very optimistic about his solo career, with all of his success to support his feelings.
His July 22 show at Gramercy Theatre—where The Wanted made their American debut—sold out, which The Wanted didn’t even do.
“People who weren’t necessarily fans of the band can go, ‘Oh, I like what you’re doing,’” Sykes said.
Sykes’s new song “Kiss Me Quick” is cheery, fun and catchy. I can see this song becoming and staying big for a while and Sykes producing more popular hits in the future.