L’Eggo of the Eggo


Although many people consider breakfast sandwiches healthy, these are all of the ingredients that can be found in a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit sandwich from Wal-Mart’s Great Value brand.

Mason Hedge, Managing Editor/Co-Distribution Director

Everyone has heard of the phrase, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Out of the three square meals a day that is recommended, breakfast is supposed to be the most crucial one. But is breakfast really all that important? Should people be concerned about their diet when they first wake up in the morning? To be honest, breakfast is not as essential as some people think.

Usually, when someone walks into the classroom for their first block class, they see a bunch of kids eating their “breakfast.” This consists of them consuming foods like Pop-Tarts, muffins and more. It’s usually something small and not much, but it’s enough for them to hold themselves over until lunch. 

Already there is a problem with this. This isn’t what some people imagine what breakfast should look like. A square meal is anything that is healthy and nutritious, while also being satisfying and proper. When people are eating something like Pop-Tarts for breakfast in the classroom, not only can it be unhealthy, but it doesn’t satisfy the needs of a true, proper breakfast.

So why do kids eat something like this for breakfast? Also, why isn’t their breakfast taking place at home after they wake up? According to the Huffington Post, some people don’t have the time to sit down and eat, while others don’t even feel hungry enough in the morning. Therefore, they resort to eating small portions of food that end up not qualifying as an actual breakfast. This shows the lack of importance of breakfast in some people’s lives.

While not eating a proper and satisfying breakfast can be a big issue, eating a healthy breakfast is also another problem that many people face. The first foods that enter the digestive system for the day are what people eat for breakfast. If their body wants to get off to the right start, they should make sure that what they’re eating is healthy, which is the mistake a lot of people make. For instance, many people avoid eating sugary or fatty foods in the morning since they can be unhealthy. However, what they should be doing is the complete opposite.

“It’s actually better to consume foods that contain fat and sugar at the start of the day. The body therefore has the whole day ahead to use up the calories. This is actually one of the principles of the chrono-nutrition diet,” the Huffington Post said.

Another problem is that eating a packaged breakfast like Pop-Tarts and granola bars is unhealthy on its own, rather than just in the morning. Most of these breakfasts contain high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and trans fat, which is very poor for someone’s health. 

While everybody strives to be healthy and eat the best they can, breakfast shouldn’t be a primary concern or “the most important meal of the day.” Besides, what someone could be eating for breakfast is probably unhealthy and unsatisfying to consume in the first place. If it really was crucial, then people wouldn’t skip it for reasons like lack of hunger and little time to eat.