Lew Reviews: Avengers: Endgame

Endgame is a well constructed film with all the necessary factors

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Lew Reviews: Avengers: Endgame

Madison Lewis, Sports Editor

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Walking into the Cinemark movie theater, I was not expecting Endgame to be all that great. I was very wrong. Between the beginning when Iron Man loses hope after losing in space and his return back to Earth, the death that saved billions of lives really was heartbreaking. Anyone that has watched Marvel movies has formed their own personal bonds with each character, so losing one is almost just as difficult as losing a friend. Not only was it difficult losing Black Widow in the middle of the movie, but even more so when the soul-crushing death of Iron Man came along in the last scene.

Let me just start off by saying that Endgame was worth every cent that was put into the making of the film, along with every cent I had to scrounge up to get my ticket to watch the film.  The film was nothing short of excellent. With some comical scenes like Thor becoming a raging alcoholic and losing his muscular figure and gaining a plump beer gut, while also having the sad, depressing scenes like when Black Widow sacrificed herself for the Soul Stone, Marvel had everyone in the theater’s emotions bouncing off the wall.

Some were furious about how Thor gained weight and lost all motivation to do anything, and to be honest there were certain parts where Thor’s new, lazy personality got a bit annoying. Especially when they were trying to figure out where each of the stones were and he was not helping at all.

The whole movie was basically the Avengers trying to find a way to go back in time and find all the stones before Thanos did so they could bring back all the lost, vanished ones that Thanos wiped out. Near the beginning of the movie, the Avengers find Thanos thinking he has the stones, just to find out that he destroyed them. This led to Thor chopping Thanos’s head off and killing him, which is what led to his alcoholism.

When the Avengers finally obtained all the stones and were safely back in present time, there was a huge war between Thanos’s army and the Avengers. When the war erupted, all the Avengers that had vanished before because of Thanos found their way back. Everyone was trying to keep the stones from Thanos, for his past, alive self came through the time machine into the present. When Thanos was seconds away from snapping his fingers and ending the whole world, Iron Man risked his own life and took all the stones from Thanos, snapped his fingers, had all of Thanos’s army disappear and died from the intense power that was exerted from them.

“The best part of the movie was definitely the scene with Captain America standing in front of Thanos’ army by himself and then everyone showing up,” junior, and Marvel fan, EJ Dwyer said.

Iron Man dying was by far the hardest part of the movie to watch, especially when Spider Man approached him when he was barely breathing and was telling Iron Man how they had won the war and how everything is okay. Everyone in the theater was dead silent. You could almost hear all the tears hitting the floor of the theater.

“When [Iron Man] dies I didn’t like it. I was really hoping he would move on from being Iron Man and become a guide for the rest of the Avengers like Nick Fury and become the director of Shield and make Shield again,” Dwyer said.

Nearing the end of the movie, Captain America went back in time to return all the stones. However, when he came back he was old and retired. He lived out his whole life when he went back in time and married Peggy, just as he should have, and handed his shield down to Falcon. This was one of the emotional parts of the movie as well. Iron Man is dead, Black Widow is dead and Captain America hands down his shield.

“Captain [America] handing off his shield is what is going to be in the Falcon and Winter Soldier TV shows, so I’m really excited for that,” Dwyer said.

However, several Marvel fans were left disappointed, sad and depressed at the end of the film. Marvel always has some sort of short clip after all the credits run through the screen, however, after the long, strenuous process of having to sit anxiously watching all of the credit roll past the screen, there was not a short clip. Only true Marvel fans sat and waited (and trust me the credits lasted forever)and they were left with nothing, which was highly disappointing.

The film had hundreds of very jaw-dropping, exciting moments and a few disappointing, mood-ruining scenes as well, but all in all, Avengers: Endgame was a quality movie. Overall, Avengers: Endgame would have to be a 4.5/5.