Live Coverage: Wrestling playoffs round one

Joey Pail and Devin Daley

This post will contain Joey Pail’s live play by play of the wrestling playoff matches that Freedom will be hosting on February 3. Coverage starts with the first round of matches at 6 pm.

Freedom vs. Carlynton

6:00 pm  Both Evan Sweesy and Nick Wolfe both enter the ring with forfeits giving Freedom the lead 12-0.

6:07 pm  ZJ Ward takes down his opponent with a score 21-5 giving him a technical pin and giving the team 5 more points. The score is now 17-0.

6:08 pm  Gordon Kalamaz wins his match within 30 seconds by pinning his opponent on his back, gaining 6 more points.

6:13 pm  Jacob Pail pins Carlynton continuing Freedoms full sweep of points to 29-0.

6:19 pm  Austin Alberts gets pinned after a long battle with his opponent. The updated score is now 29- 6.

6:21 pm  Brett Johnston pins his opponent, again in the first period of the match.

6:29 pm  Birthday Boy, Michael Muron pins opponent in the third period. His pin gives the Bulldogs 6 more points increasing their lead to 41-6. Wish Michael a Happy Birthday next time you see him #BirthdayWins

6:31 pm  Ian Moran gets pinned in the second period losing 6 points to Carlynton.

6:33 pm  Kody Komara pins his opponent in the first minute, increasing the teams score to 47. The score is now 47-12.

6:37 pm  Senior Levi Bonzo pins another opponent in the 2nd period of the match giving another 6 points to Freedom.

6:44 pm  Dean Ward entering the ring soon after Levi, pins Carlynton in the 3rd period giving 6 more points to the Bulldogs.

6:46 pm  Sophomore Bryson Miller destroys his opponent and ending him in a pin and giving another 6 points to Freedom.

6:47 pm  Randy Simmons gives another 6 points to Freedom, with a final forfeit, ending the Bulldogs match with a win, 71-12.

Freedom vs. Beth-Center

7:27 pm  Evan Sweesy pins his opponent in the first period giving a 6 point lead to Freedom.

7:31 pm  ZJ Ward wins his battle ending in another pin in the second period giving the Bulldogs a 12 point lead.

7:41 pm  Gordon Kalamaz gets through the entire match, but sadly loses at the end 10-7. This gives Beth Center 3 points. Soon after Beth Center gets another 6 points for a forfeit making the score 12-9.

7:53 pm  Jake Pail, again, makes it through the entire match and wins 11-2 giving Freedom 3 more points.

8:05 pm  Brett Johnston wins his match 14-2, giving the Bulldogs the greater lead 20- 9. Right after Freedom lost a forfeit and with it 6 points.

8:07 pm  Michael Muron pins his opponent in the first 35 seconds giving another 6 points to Freedom. #BirthdayWins

8:11 pm  Levi Bonzo pins his opponent in his match giving another 6 points.

8:19 pm  Kody Komara wins with a tech pin when he scored 15 points above his opponent. This adds 5 points to Freedoms total which now sits at 37 and Beth-Center at 15.

8:27 pm  Dean Ward makes it through his match, but sadly loses at the end. This gives Beth-Center 18 followed by forfeit points making it 24. The score is now 37-24, Freedom.

8:36 pm  Bryson Miller won beat his opponent increasing the score to 40 points against Beth-Centers 24. With this win Freedom will advance to finals in Chartiers-Houston.

8:41 pm  Randy Simmons holding up the rear finishes the match with another pin. This gives the Bulldogs a final score of 46-24 over Beth-Center.