Live Coverage: Wrestling Section Championships

Devin Daley and Joey Pail

We are underway here at FHS as Freedom looks for its first section title since 2002.

In the first match against Char. Houston Freshman Bryson Miller pinned his opponent in six seconds giving Freedom a 6-0 lead.

6:13 pm: Randy Simmons loses his match 4-2 cutting the Bulldogs overall team lead to 6-3. Junior Evan Sweesy is now wrestling for the Bulldogs.

6:28 pm: Sweesy goes to multiple overtimes yet loses 4-2 turning the overall team score at 6. Freshman ZJ Ward now wrestling for Freedom.

6:35 pm: ZJ Ward amasses 6 takedowns in his match to help him win his match 13-4. The more than 8 point win brings the team score to 10-6 in favor of the Bulldogs. Gordon Kalimaz now wrestling.

6:40 pm: Kalimaz dominates his opponent ultimately resulting in a pin that stretches the Bulldog team lead to 16-6.

6:48 pm: For the second match in a row Freedom pins their opponent. This time it is Freshman Jake Pail pinning his opponent stretching the Bulldog team lead to 22-6. Freshman Chase Komara is now on the mat for Freedom.

6:50 pm: Three pins in a row. Chase dominates his match. Score is now 28-6. Sophomore Brett Johnston now wrestling.

6:58 pm: South Fayette defeats Burgettstown to advance to the Final for the section Championship. Awaiting the winner of Freedom/Char. Houston.

7:00 pm: Brett Johnston gets pinned giving Char Houston 6 team points. Score is now 28-12 in favor of the Bulldogs. Sophomore Michael Muron now wrestling for Freedom.

7:04 pm: Muron gets himself pinned. 6 points to Char. Houston. Junior Kody Komara now taking the mat for the Bulldogs.

7:06 pm: Kody takes care of business and pins his opponent quickly. Brings the score to 34-18. Senior Levi Bonzo is now wrestling.

7:14 pm: Bonzo loses 1-0 after his opponent escapes once. That result brings the score to 34-21. Senior Dean Ward steps onto the mat now.

7:17 pm: Dean pins his opponent and brings the Freedom lead to 40-21. Freshman Andrew Kalimaz now wrestling for Freedom.

7:20 pm: Andrew loses due to a pin and Char. Houston gets a forfeit win bringing the final score to Freedom 40 Char. Houston 33. Freedom will play South Fayette for the sections championship starting at 7:30.

Freedom vs South Fayette. The match for the section championship.

7:39 pm: Freshman Nick Wolfe is the first Bulldog to get the call.

7:41 pm: South Fayette pins Wolfe giving them the early 6-0 lead. The Big Swees now taking the mat.

7:51 pm: Sweesy loses his match after he got taken down in overtime. South Fayette now takes the 9-0 lead. ZJ Ward is now stepping onto the mat.

7:58 pm: ZJ lays down the boom.

8:00 pm: The boom injures his opponent and earns ZJ the win by forfeit. Score is now 9-6 in South Fayette’s favor. Gordon Kalimaz is up next.

8:04 pm: Gordon Kalimaz pins his second opponent of the day and gives Freedom the team lead 12-9. Jake Pail is now wrestling for Freedom.

8:17 pm: Jake Pail gets the 2-1 upset victory giving Freedom a 15-9 lead over South Fayette. Chase Komara now looks to extend Freedom’s lead.

8:21 pm: Chase Komara pins his opponent and earns the team 6 points. Freedom leads South Fayette 21-9. Brett Johnston is up now for the Bulldogs.

8:31 pm: Brett Johnston loses by a score of 8-2 giving South Fayette 3 points making the team score 21-12. Michael Muron is now wrestling for Freedom.

8:35 pm: Michael Muron gets pinned and then Sophomore Ian Moran gets pinned rather quickly by Mike Carr (ranked # 1 in the state). South Fayette now leads 24-21. Kody Komara now looks to put the Bulldogs back in front.

8:35 pm: With Carr wrestling Moran we will not be seeing the matchup of Carr and Komara who are currently ranked #1 and #2 in respectively in the state for their weight class.

8:40 pm: Komara pins his opponent and earns the 6 points. Freedom now leads 27-24 with Levi Bonzo taking the mat.

8:48 pm: Bonzo loses by a score of 5-0 and South Fayette ties Freedom at 27. Dean Ward is now wrestling for the Bulldogs.

9:03 pm: Standing ovation for Dean Ward as he gets a clutch overtime takedown. The win gives Freedom a 30-27 lead. Bryson Miller is now looking to put Freedom in prime position for the section title.

9:16 pm: Bryson comes up big and gets the section championship clinching win. The 15-3 win gives Freedom the team lead at 34-27. Randy Simmons is currently wrestling but the match is out of South Fayette’s reach.

9:25: Randy Simmons loses a tight match 5-4 but it only rewards South Fayette 3 points bringing your final score to South Fayette 30 Freedom 34. Your Freedom Bulldogs are section champions.