Looking back on 2022


While ringing in the new year, students and the community look back at 2022, reflecting on all of the events that left their marks, whether they struck nationwide or just in our communities. 

Back in January, the country started off the year mourning the loss of a well-known actress, Betty White. Even though White died on Dec. 31, 2021, many people grieved her loss during the new year. January was also the start of the new year, or what many people refer to as a fresh start. While moving into February, a big event that took America by surprise was Russia invading Ukraine. Many Americans followed the news because they were worried for America’s economy, and the prices of fuel began to rise. 

At the beginning of March, the drama club put on showings of the popular musical “Annie.” They sold over 1,000 tickets for three showings. The club was taken over by new sponsors: Ms. Debrah Evans, Mr. Cole Eged, Ms. Heather Giammaria, Ms. Jennifer Newman and Ms. Emily Rickard. They were in charge of helping students put on a show for the district and community.

Moving into the spring seasons, the girls basketball team made their way to the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) Championship in Hershey, PA. The girls took the on Neuman Goretti Saints on Mar. 26 where they fell short, 55-49. Even though the bulldogs fell short in their game, this was the longest season for girls basketball in Freedom history. Also, some of the high schools’student journalists traveled to the Penn State University Park to compete in the Pennslyvania Scholastic Press Association (PSPA) competition on March 30. This year, 10 students qualified to compete at states; all of these participants represented the FHS Press, Shawnee Yearbook and the Bulldog Beat. Seniors Kaylee Ostrowski, Megan Evans and Madison Sanders, along with alumni Carter Huggins and Braeden Geibel, all won state awards for their work. 

On May 6, Freedom hosted its first “normal” prom in two years. Prom 2020 was first rescheduled and then later canceled due to the COVID-19 virus. There was a 2021 prom, but it was still arranged differently than most. Students went to Brady’s Run Lodge for dinner and the dance, but the dance did not last all night. This year, prom was back at the Marriott Hotel in Cranberry Twp. The dance was also back to being overnight, from 7:00 p.m.- 5 a.m.. 

As the school year came to a close, teachers and underclassmen said their goodbyes to the class of 2022. On June 3, many students watched the graduates throw their caps into the air and receive their diplomas. 

Moving into the warm summer, many were ready to have a break from the long school year. There were many different ways people spent their summer. Some worked, and some went on vacations and traveled. Summer is also the season of local fairs and festivals. 

While rolling into fall, the south was struck by Hurricane Ian. The storm hit on Sept. 23, and lasted for about a week and a half. Many people were affected by the hurricane and lost their homes or faced severe damage. 

On Nov. 8, many Pennsylvania residents went out to vote for a new governor and some other well-known government positions. It was determined that Josh Shaprio would be Pennsylvania’s next governor, along with John Fetterman serving in the Senate. 

Into the month of November, Freedom sports were advancing into state finals.  Junior James Couch qualified for the PIAA championship in Hershey, Pa. After a long journey, Couch came in 16th place state-wide. The girls soccer team also qualified for the PIAA championship game as well, where they took on Southern Columbia Area but fell 5-3. 

The year 2022 came with a lot of events, that affected students and the community alike. From natural disasters to representing the districts at state championship games, there is a lot to reflect on.