Looking back on the year

Boys basketball completes their final game and looks back on the season


The Boys Basketball team huddles up during game against Western Beaver.

Siarra Corfield, Staff Writer

Throughout the season, the boys basketball team faced many challenges, such as adjusting to new schedules, working their way with a new coach and facing highly competitive teams. Now that the season comes to a close, they’ll face a new challenge: losing their seniors.

        In the season’s final game, they faced Rochester High School with Freedom scoring 50 points and Rochester scoring 69. Although the boys didn’t quite win, the seniors took home their final memories of playing for Freedom.

        “For me, probably senior night was my favorite memory because it’s an honor to have spent four years in the program and I’ve been looking forward for it for a while,” senior Santino Guandolo said when asked about his favorite memory from high school basketball.

        The seniors were not the only players who left the season grateful and full of new memories.

        “My favorite memory from this season was beating Brentwood at home for our first section win,” sophomore Tyler Mohrbacher said.

        Although the next boys basketball season is far in the future, hopes and goals have already been set for some players on the team.

        “I think next year we’re going to come out a lot better; I truly believe next year we can make the playoffs,” Mohrbacher said when asked on his opinion of next year’s season.

        The expectations of the future season don’t just stand within those who aren’t seniors, but everyone who played on the team this season.

        “The team is full of young guys that are skilled and they can be better than our team this year definitely, as long as they learn to play like me,” Guandolo said.

        The season ended with a final record of 2:20. Many new experiences for the freshman and other participants who played their first year of high school came to the surface for those playing this year.

        Playing high school basketball is so much fun; it’s so competitive and fast, and one of the best experiences I’ve had,” said Mohrbacher.

        All together, this season was one for the books; the boys took home a memorable wins and played many nail-biting games. Although many seniors are leaving, the team is hopeful for the success of next year’s season.