Lots of tailgating fun

Tailgating has many perks as it is a big part of football season


Pittsburgh Blitz

Steelers fans gather in the parking lots near Heinz Field to get ready for the game.

Hailey Zeidler, Staff Writer

As football season starts, so does tailgating season. People all over the country are celebrating their favorite teams by playing games and cooking out in the parking lots. Whether it is college football or a team in the National Football League, they get a very large turnout of fans.

Sports fans will cheer on their teams and get ready for the big game hours before the start time of the event. The loudest and most exciting tailgate parties are the rival games. For example, if the Pittsburgh Steelers were playing the Cleveland Browns or Cincinnati Bengals, there would be a substantial amount of tailgating fans for both the Steelers and the other team in the parking lot.

Tailgating has become very popular over the years. It all started over 100 years ago. There are many legends and theories that people believe, including that people would use their tailgates as seats and they would bring food and beverages for the game.

When walking down the aisles of the parking lots, you see a lot of excited and cheerful people. Many people are playing games like cornhole, Ladder Golf, and KanJam. Ladder Golf is also known as ladder toss and players throw two golf balls attached to a string (bolas) and try to get them off the opponents ladder. Another not so commonly known tailgate game is KanJam. KanJam is when you take turns trying to toss a frisbee into the bucket or trash can.

“Most tailgating parties consist of all the fun and exciting things like games and different foods. There’s always so much excitement between everyone,” senior David Eisenbrown said.

Not only are games a large part of tailgating, but the cooking and all of the grilled foods that fans bring. Other than the classic hot dogs, hamburgers and chili, there are so many other tailgating foods that are often brought. Some foods include pulled pork sandwiches, buffalo chicken dip and chicken wings.

Another perk of tailgates that some may enjoy is the new friendships that may form. Whether they are fans of the home team or not, a bond can be formed. Many tend to play

cornhole or other games against the opponents fans hoping to prove the better team.

“One of my favorite things about going to football games and tailgating is meeting new people who are fans of the Steelers and others who are not fans. Also, I love playing cornhole with my friends and winning,” Eisenbrown said.

Many dedicated fans will spend the night if they are traveling from a different state in a recreational vehicle. This way, they can celebrate their team the day before the game and have access to lots of different things needed to have a good time.

Tailgating has grown as the years have gone by. Fans enjoy the food, games, beverages and cheering on their team, hoping for a big win.