Most recent trends stolen from minorities


Ever since the beginning of the media, it has been riddled with white people while  people of color (POC) were pushed to the side or had a mockery made of them. Not only POC, but also people who are within the LGBTQ+, specifically gay men and drag queens. As of now, since the rise of TikTok and social media as a whole, there has been little to no change. Stolen trends go all the way from fashion down to the way different people talk. 

Starting on TikTok, the newest and most recent trend is the “clean girl aesthetic.” This aesthetic includes little to no makeup, long lashes, glossed lips, gold jewelry and slicked back hair. Many are praising the beautiful, skinny white girls for this effortless look. However, not too long ago people were ridiculing POC, specifically Latinas, for this exact style. Being called names while being made fun of for their vernacular was extremely common and completely normalized on social media. The “ghetto” look has been stolen from POC and turned into a “that girl” aesthetic. 

Hailey Beiber, someone who is in the public eye a lot, is no stranger to stealing trends. For example, her new “brown glossy lip,” which is nothing new and commonly worn by POC. This lip look can be seen as insensitive for POC who were belittled for their features. It can be seen as hypocritical because the same people who desire these lips could have possibly bullied someone else for this exact feature. 

On top of this, people also steal language and sayings from many minorities. Starting with the word “slay,” a phrase used so often that it has become a part of many people’s daily vocabulary. Originating from Black and Latino drag queens in Harlem, it was a way to commemorate other drag queens stating that they are “killing it.” The word emerged from POC and people within the LGBTQ+ community being ostracized simply for living their life.Those same people are being bullied for using the word in today’s day in age. Drag queens are still being pushed down for using terms that straight people use regularly. Being called offensive names and slurs is not an uncommon occurrence. 

Another word or saying that was blatantly stolen is “period.” Many have transformed this word from “That’s on period,” to “period” and finally to “periodt.” Also originating from Black LGBTQ+ members, it has become a normal phrase for many. 

“You see something that is very typical of American slang, which is that it draws a lot on African American slang in the same way that American music draws very heavily on jazz and blues and African American music traditions,” linguist Micheal Adams said. “In a sort of cultural appropriation typical of white Americans, it doesn’t even seem to be African American anymore.”

Although many people are finally starting to call these issues out, that is not enough. Many are not crediting the people, or groups of people, who need to be credited.