“My Policeman:” movie review


A sorrowful romance with two lovers who were doomed from the beginning is the best way to summarize “My Policeman.” A gorgeous movie taking place in the late ‘50s and fast forwarding to the ‘90s, “My Policeman” highlights the ups and downs of a homosexual relationship during that time period. 

First introduced to Marion and Patrick, it shows the two in their older age, then the audience meets Tom. “My Policeman” is somewhat of a “throuple” romance in the beginning. After Marion and Tom start dating, Tom, then, meets Patrick. Finally, Patrick meets Marion, the bloomed couple, soon become extremely close to Patrick. 

Tom and Patrick soon blossom into a secret couple, without the knowledge of his wife, and sneak off together. During this time period, being a homosexual was truly seen as immoral and unnatural, and it was against the law; somewhat ironic that an officer is breaking the law that much. As Patrick and Tom share moments of passion and love, Marion is stuck wondering where her new husband has gone. 

Many viewers have a love-hate relationship with Marion. Truly sympathizing with her, and feeling the pain of being cheated on, it is hard to not feel for her. However, her words are hateful and blatantly homophobic. Truly, after a while, she becomes so annoying, stating that members of the LGBTQ+ are immoral, unnatural, disgusting and even perverted and dangerous to children. Her attitude and opinions leave a sour taste on the viewers tongue.

The pacing of the movie itself is somewhat odd, starting off extremely slow, then randomly kicking the film into overdrive. The pacing seems too forced, and not thought-out well enough. On top of that, some of the acting seems as if it is from a Disney movie, cheesy and not necessarily grade-A acting, specifically from Harry Styles. Devastatingly enough, Styles truly did not pull through as a lead in this film. “Don’t Worry Darling” star fell off with his technique. Although he does not act often, except for a couple other roles, Styles did not do his best. 

The storyline itself was beautiful, it was a good standard, queer movie. However, one worry is cutting another LGBTQ+ character out of the film, Marion’s friend Julia. In the book, Julia was extremely prevalent. However, only showing up two to three times in the movie does not allow many to see her full character. Rather they see that she is Marion’s only friend, and a lesbian, but that is it. However, movies typically do this with characters, so I do not believe it was intentional or malicious in any way, just upsetting for many. 

Overall, the movie for me was a 3.5 out of 5 stars. With some unprofessional and rookie mistakes, the movie was taken down a few pegs. However, with beautiful cinematography and true passion with many of the characters, it is still a good movie. With an extremely bittersweet ending, the movie is still a must see.