New glass in class

Students share thoughts on new windows


Natalie Dubovi

The photo above shows the newly installed windows in Mr. Griffith’s room on the first floor of the school.

Natalie Dubovi, Staff Writer

In mid-September, Gurtner Construction Co. Inc. began the installation of new windows in the high school. As of now, the company has installed windows in most of the classrooms, but there are still some rooms to go. When the project was initially introduced, they predicted that it would take a little under two months to complete.

The windows that are being put in have aluminum frames, integral blinds and a high-performance coating to keep the windows looking good and lasting as long as possible. Currently, the windows in all of the classrooms have been installed. However, the blinds have not been installed yet and the windows have not been insulated. Both of these are planned to happen in the future.

Many students feel differently about the new windows that are being put in. Some students think that the new windows will have a positive impact on their learning.

“I am in favor of the new windows. They are expensive, but they’re going to pay off in the long run. These new windows are sealed tightly and will allow for a better-insulated school. This will allow us to save money on heat in the winter,” senior David Eisenbrown said.

Not only will the windows be better insulated to ensure that classes will stay warm and dry, they also allow more light into the classrooms.

“The new windows also allow for more natural light in the classrooms. This will, in turn, brighten the moods of students and faculty. More sunlight brightens the mood of people by increasing the amount of serotonin in their body through photons. This is why the new windows are a good idea,” Eisenbrown said.

As stated, there are many positives to the brand new windows. However, on the other hand, there are other

“I am not in favor of the new windows because they let in a lot of light. There’s too much glare on the computer screens, in people’s faces and on the boards. You don’t really have to turn the lights on in classes, but the light that the windows let in are too bright and I can’t really see what I’m doing,” junior Morgan Swab said.

While there are some students who feel pretty strongly one way or another, there are some students who don’t think the new windows have any big effect on the school or the students learning.

“I think some rooms needed new windows. For example, Mrs. Giammaria’s room used to accumulate snow while the windows were closed in the winter. I don’t think every room needed them though. They are a big expense and not worth the cost. Our school could have gone for many more years with the original windows in certain classrooms. It was not a good decision to replace all of them,” senior Billy Michener said.

Whether students love the windows, hate them or are indifferent to them, Freedom now has new, insulated, up-to-date windows so students can enjoy staying dry in the rainy season and warm in the winter.