New plans for Freedom’s Homecoming

Grace Hutchison and Hannah Walden

Freedom is buzzing with preparation for the newly revamped Homecoming Festivities, planned to take place on Oct. 9 and 10. The new festivities include a bonfire, fireworks, parade, food booths, high school and middle school dances and much more. Everything has been carefully planned out to ensure a safe, memorable and enjoyable Homecoming.
In years past, Homecoming festivities included a bonfire and the football game, but with the new ideas, the schedule is much more complex than that.
On Friday, Oct. 9, there will be a high school and a middle school dance hosted. A $10 admission ticket purchased from the office will earn you entry to the High School Homecoming dance, which will take place in the cafeteria with a “tastefully casual dress code.” That includes no sweatpants, hoodies or tank tops. At the dance, there will be a raffle to win two free tickets to the upcoming Winter Ball.
The Homecoming breakfast, 5K run and walk, parade, bingo, Homecoming ceremony, football game, bonfire and fireworks will take place on Saturday. A great resource listing all of the homecoming festivities including where and when each will take place can be found on Freedom Area School District’s website.
In all years prior, Homecoming has been led mainly by the school’s former Attendance Secretary, Mrs. Anna Maria Folmar. After her passing this summer, her memory continues to live on in the Homecoming tradition.
“I think that it is important to incorporate her memory into the festivities this year because she really dedicated herself and pioneered Homecoming in the past,” Mr. John Rosa said.
The new festivities are a product of many of the staff members and leaders getting together to improve the tradition.
“We definitely want Homecoming to become more of a community event then it has been in years past. We want to get everyone involved,” High School Principal Mr. William Deal said.
Not only is the faculty looking forward to Homecoming, but the students are anxiously awaiting it as well.
“I love Homecoming. I like all the school spirit and pride involved; everyone gets into it,” Senior Samantha Schermerhorn said.
The new Homecoming is not only a community event, but it brought together many different people to even get the idea together.
“We all had a hand in it, I would say Mrs. Folmar had the biggest hand in it and it was a combination of everyone putting their heads together,” Rosa said.
The students, faculty and community are awaiting the redesigned Homecoming, which is sure to be Freedom’s newest tradition.