New year, new trifle

New Year’s resolutions have no purpose


Chloe Wolf

New Year’s resolutions have become a useless list in our everyday lives.

Chloe Wolf, Asst. Editorial Editor

New Year’s resolutions bring with them the opportunity for anyone to accomplish a goal in the upcoming year. People everywhere think of these resolutions as a way to get the motivation to complete such a goal, and start their year off in a new way. Even though people create these goals, many never go through with them. New Year’s resolutions have slowly become empty promises made just for the sake of making them.

There are few people who follow through with their resolutions, but most don’t. As time goes on, a lack of motivation can grow and ruin the resolution for whoever makes one. Others will forget about their goal or go against it the next day. For example, a person’s New Year’s resolution may be to eat healthy, however the next day they could be seen eating chocolate. The main purpose of New Year’s resolutions is self-improvement, yet many give up on their resolution before they try accomplishing it.

The reason people give up on their goal varies from person to person. Some lose motivation for various reasons, others feel peer pressured into making one in the first place and occasionally people will think New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. Losing motivation can be easy when a goal is set too high to be achieved for an individual. Sometimes smaller and easier goals should be made before trying to achieve a bigger and more difficult goal. Setting smaller goals throughout the year may seem illogical, but it is more effective when trying to keep motivation high.

New Year’s resolutions may seem useful to set, but they aren’t necessary. Anyone can set these kinds of goals at any time, the problem is following through with them. Self improvement is always important and should be encouraged throughout the year instead of only once at the very beginning of the new year. It may be healthier to enter a new year while being more grounded instead of worrying about what to try to improve in the near future. Taking some time to really think about what goal is worth trying to accomplish and how to accomplish it takes off the stress that comes with making New Year’s resolutions. There is no difference between setting a goal in life and making a New Year’s resolution, other than when the goal is being set.

Setting and achieving goals is an important part of growth for everyone, which is why the concept of New Year’s resolutions isn’t a bad thing. Nevertheless, New Year’s resolutions have become outdated due to everyone eventually breaking them. There is no longer a point to creating them, but setting goals in general shouldn’t be discouraged for people.