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Conway Elementary has been sold

The school board finalized the sale of Conway Elementary School for $385,000 to Conway Borough.


Graduation Project changes

Some changes have been made to the Graduation Project for seniors. Job shadowing is now a requirement. This is the student’s responsibility to get done, and they are not allowed to job-shadow a relative. Along with job shadowing, students now are required to have more college visits than what was required before.


Keystone scores are low

Right now, Keystone scores are not where they need to be. Studies are being done on the school, and a fundamental math course is being considered instead of having Keystone Integrated Math. This course would be done in ninth grade and Algebra 1B would be tenth grade.


Grant from General Electric

The school obtained a grant from General Electric that would introduce new curriculum, as well as having more training for teachers. Along with this, they are donating two more 3-D printers. This grant is valued around $3,000 to $4,000.


New flag donated to school

Principal William Deal and his wife donated a new 5-by-8 feet U.S. flag to the school. This flag will be replacing the old flag that was at the high school.


Enrollment in Cyber and CTC are up

Since the past school year, the enrollment in the Cyber Program and CTC are up. Enrollment in the Cyber Program went up by eight, and the enrollment at CTC went from 46 last year to 68 this year. Out of all the schools in Beaver County, Freedom has the most students enrolled at CTC.


Organic Chemistry mishap

This year, the school has offered Organic Chemistry as a course. There are currently 11 students enrolled in the class; however, the board was never asked if the course would be approved. They approved the course at the next meeting, so there are no issues that arose from this.


Youth Ambassador Program recognition

The people who participated in the Youth Ambassador Program were recognized at the Beaver County Courthouse for their outstanding program that was organized last year. A certificate was given from Representative Keith Rofus to commemorate the students for what they had done to benefit the community.


Open house and parent-teacher conference dates

Dates for this year’s open house at the Freedom Middle School is on Sept. 21 from 6 to 8 p.m. The Freedom Elementary School open house will be on Sept. 14 from 6 to 8 p.m. Finally, the date for the parent-teacher conference will be on Oct. 30, which is an Act-80 Day, so students will not have school.

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