Oh my Gatsby! It’s prom

Freedom hosts Great Gatsby-themed prom


Students dance to “Cotton Eyed Joe” at the Great Gatsby Gala on May 11.

Morgan Stewart, Staff Writer

Picture it: the loud music, the dark lighting, a crowded dance floor and the energetic and lively atmosphere filling the ballroom as the students experience a night they will always remember.

Prom was held on May 11 and went into May 12 at the Marriott in Cranberry Township, the same location it has been held at in previous years. The 2017-2018 junior class decided on a Great Gatsby Gala-themed prom with the stage was decorated in white, black and gold decorations for Grand March. This included gold cutouts of cars, gold paper covering the steps and a white, gold and black arch that the couples walked under to come to the front of the stage.

The students arrived at the high school to check in between 5:30 and 6 p.m. Grand March started at 7 p.m. After Grand March was over and a short period of visiting families and getting pictures, everyone who was driving to the Marriott, whether that be student or parent, lined up and received a police escort to the hotel.

On the way in, students were checked in and casted their votes for Prom King and Queen. Once everyone arrived and was seated, dinner was served. Dinner included a spread of salad, mashed potatoes, chicken, assorted bread rolls and more.

After dinner is when the real fun began. The floor was open and people gathered to begin dancing. Music ranged from hip hop, to country, to the classic dance songs like “Cupid Shuffle” and “Cha Cha Slide” to keep the dance floor busy throughout most of the night. Of course, the classics were also thrown in, like “Sweet Caroline”, “Don’t Stop Believing” and the traditional senior tribute to “Graduation Song” by Vitamin C.

“[One of the best parts of the night was] when we all picked up Riley Adams and made him crowd surf,” senior Michael Keith said.

At midnight, there was a chocolate fountain brought out after Prom King and Queen were announced. Lexi Halvin was crowned queen and Keith was announced as king, crowned by last year’s prom king, Joey Pail, who was in attendance.

“It meant a lot to win because I have only attended Freedom for just under three years, so it meant that I did something right and that I had people that cared about me,” Halvin said.

Throughout the night, there were also activities held out in the lobby. There was cornhole, a photobooth with a table of props to use, an airbrush tattoo artist, caricature artists, and a balloon artist who made accessories like bracelets and hats throughout the night.

The night was also filled with fun, hanging out and arranging pictures through various classes and organization, such as Bulldog Beat and Spanish 4.

Around 3 in the morning, breakfast was brought out. This included eggs, bacon, muffins and juice.

Later in the night, couples were called in groups by number to receive their prom t-shirts, made by Freedom Fortune 500.

Students were permitted to leave, starting around 4:45 and going until 5 in the morning; many students went home to sleep, but some opted to go out for breakfast afterwards.