Paparazzi unnecessary, too invasive of personal privacy


Paparazzi are far too invasive of privacy and should stop making it so difficult for celebrities to live their lives.

No one enjoys having their every move documented. In this day and age, we are always being watched by some form of technology or media. For many celebrities, their privacy is severely compromised and invaded by paparazzi, as well as crazed fans throughout every second of their lives. A line needs to be drawn between when paparazzi and fans are simply doing their jobs or supporting a beloved star, and when celebrities are no longer able to live their lives because of them. 

Everyone loves a good story, and paparazzi benefit from that by taking photos of celebrities walking down the street or holding hands with a mysterious person. While most of these pictures are less than interesting, society is addicted to celebrity culture. They want to see what their favorite celebrities are doing or wearing so they can mimic popular trends. People today tend to care more about the happenings of celebrities than themselves and their peers, which is an irrational obsession that is proving to be unhealthy. 

The stories being told by paparazzi pictures are frivolous. Fans are consistently fed with content of their favorite stars when they appear on talk shows, game shows, red carpets, galas, premieres and other exclusive events. People do not gain anything from seeing celebrities getting into a car or walking, and there is no need for almost daily paparazzi photos of people who are constantly seen in the public eye anyway. 

Aside from being completely unnecessary, the concept of paparazzi is highly invasive of personal privacy and often taken too far. Everyone has a right to privacy and respect, even famous people, and paparazzi have gone too far by taking that away for the sake of their jobs and getting a paycheck. There are countless cases of celebrities suing the paparazzi for taking things too far. For instance, actor George Clooney took legal action against a photographer in 2017 who scaled a fence and climbed a tree outside of his home in Italy to photograph his one-and-a-half-month old twins. The same thing happened in 2009 when a topless photo was taken of a 13-year-old girl changing in one of his guest rooms. 

From trespassing on private property to stalking and following people in order to get shady photos, the paparazzi are widely disliked by celebrities. Many stars, such as Kristen Bell and Jennifer Garner, have been open about their contempt for these photographers, arguing against unauthorized photos of celebrities’ children being taken. 

The harassment and disrespect shown to celebrities by paparazzi must end, as it also causes emotional trauma and distress for numerous stars. For example, TikTok influencer Charli D’Amelio is only 17 years old and suffers from social anxiety. As she mentioned on Hulu in “The D’Amelio Show,” it has been extremely difficult dealing with paparazzi overwhelming her in public and the stress she feels while trying to do normal things, like shopping with her sister. 

There is no excuse for the criminal and morally wrong lengths the paparazzi goes to in an effort to get unique photos that give them recognition and make them money. The actions of many paparazzi create traumatizing experiences and memories for celebrities who are simply trying to live their lives. Paparazzi should learn to leave these people alone and let them live normally, in peace.