PAWS-itivity in dark times

Pet perks during COVID-19 outbreak


Mayson Everette

Everette and her cat Oscar cuddle before drifting off to sleep.

Hallie Spielman, Web Master

Barking, scratching and unintentional destruction is a common trend with pets. While pets can sometimes be a nuisance, they seem to be one of the perks of being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Pets can provide students with love and attention while they are stuck at home working on assignments. Pets are also able to help students prevent some stress with their presence. 

For junior Alexis Surenda, her kitten Munch has offered love to every person and animal in her household. Little Munch loves to play and chase toys. She has been in her household for two weeks and loves not only her people, but the other animals in her home. She is also a very cuddly kitten. 

Not only are owners being affected by their pets, but the same thing can be said for the pets. Some pets might be lonely during the day while owners are away but now, the loving creatures are getting more time with the people they love the most.

This is the case for freshman Madison Sanders’ dog Casey. She has been enjoying the extra attention that she has been getting since her people are at home to give it to her. Casey and Sanders have been spending time going on walks everyday. 

Senior Mayson Everette is quarantined with three cats. Sara, Rebel and Oscar have all been bringing joy and happiness to their owners. 

“My cat Oscar has made quarantine very interesting because he’s insane and he’s always by my side everyday. All three of them just lift my mood every time I see them because they’re always so happy to see me,” Everette said. 

Everette’s cat Oscar has been especially kind to Everette as they have been spending time cuddling and watching Disney movies whenever she isn’t working. 

Although the COVID-19 quarantine has made socializing difficult, the animals have managed to make life a little better.