Penguins’ puck slides into Cranberry

UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex opens

Breanna Leasure

In October of 2013, people traveling through Cranberry Township on Mars-Crider Rd. noticed a building constructed out of nowhere. After two years of strange cranes and machinery running non-stop, the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex has finally opened.
The UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex officially opened on Aug.14, 2015. The grand opening included some of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey players. On Aug. 15, 2015, a limited number of people were allowed to come in to tour the building and were also offered to skate on the ice.
The UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex has two ice rinks, including a cafeteria and training or building facilities. Located between the two rinks is a training facility, where top-of-the-line exercise equipment can be found.
Both ice rinks bear the Penguins logo, and the ice is surrounded by lexan-glass, specifically designed glass made to hold the wear and damage of skaters jumping into and banging on it. There is also seating designed so bystanders can watch practices, scrimmages or games with ease. The seating continues from the first to the second level.
The cafeteria includes healthy drinks, shakes and food with a seating area. Near the glass, you can eat and drink while watching the hockey players skate.
The training facility can be found on the second floor, in-between the two ice rinks. On either side of the training facility, hallways connect both of the rinks together. There are also elevators going from the first to the second level. On one side of the building, a physical rehab facility can be found. This is mainly used by the Penguins Hockey team and staff, but can also be used by anyone in need of physical therapy.
According to“Opening summer 2015, the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex will serve as a comprehensive outpatient facility for UPMC Sports Medicine and will also be the primary training center for the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins®.”
The building will also have skating hours open to the public, but the hours and days will vary due to the Penguins schedule. The building also allows for various hockey teams to use the rink on the far side for scrimmages, games and practices.
The Pittsburgh Penguins have had multiple practices so far at the building, with Captain Sidney Crosby assembling most of them.
There are new Penguins players that have joined the team this year. These players include Phil Kessel, Nick Bonino, Tim Erixon, Adam Clendening, Kael Mouillierat and Matt Cullen. All of these players, and guest Tyler Kennedy, have played on the ice. There are also open practices for any players to attend if they want to.