Pine is not always so fine

Artificial Christmas trees are better than living Christmas trees

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Pine is not always so fine

Madison Snavely, Asst. Features Editor

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Snow begins to fall and sounds of carols swarm throughout the land. Homes are beginning to get decorated for Christmas for some holiday cheer. Wreaths are being hung, gingerbread houses are built and multicolored lights begin to brighten up displays. With little mess, the Christmas tree is then easily removed from storage, put together and looks good as new. Ornaments, tinsel and other fun decorations are hung on the tree to give it some sparkle. The phenomenal tree looks stunning as the decorators stand back and look at their incredible work. Why have a messy, dirty, real pine tree when you can have an artificial one?

For Christmas, most people choose to have a tree in their home and decorate it for the holidays. However, it is much easier to have an artificial tree. Why? Mainly, artificial trees make no mess. Compared to an actual Christmas tree that leaves pine needles throughout the house, an artificial tree does not. The pine needles also hurt when you are trying to put on Christmas decorations and create complications.

“Fake Christmas trees are easier to take care of, in my opinion, and they are not as messy because real Christmas trees have pine needles that come off and make a huge mess by time it’s time to take it down,” sophomore Jessica Scheel said.

Artificial trees are also less expensive than actual Christmas trees. Every Christmas, instead of spending more and more money on a dead tree and having the struggle of hauling it into a house, an artificial tree can just be pulled out of storage for free.

“It is less money in the long run and is easier to set up because you just plug [the artificial tree] into the wall,” junior Hunter Black said.

Not to mention, artificial trees are also easier to take in and out of storage unlike an actual Christmas tree, where you cannot store it at all.

“My family prefers a fake tree because they think it’s just easy to store it and the lights are already put on it,” senior Marydeth Feits said.

When it comes to artificial trees, sizes are listed on the box so the buyer knows exactly if the tree will fit in their house or not. If the tree does not fit, they can always return the tree and buy another one. After a long day’s chore of cutting down a Christmas tree and dragging it home, almost all stress is put aside except for the main question, “will it fit?” When the actual Christmas tree does not fit in the home, there is not a lot you can do about it.

“[Artificial trees] always look the same so we don’t have to worry about it not fitting,” Black said.

Many other factors including not having to kill a tree by cutting it down and not worrying if family or friends are allergic to pine trees highlight the beauty of owning an artificial tree. They are more efficient when decorating and will bring less stress and more holiday cheer to anyone’s lives.

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